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Written by Trina L.C. Schiller

Ads-On-Q.com; Press Release Full Reprint Rights Granted to this Release

January 23, 2005 For Immediate Release

Trina L.C. Schiller and Ads-On-Q.com are proud to announcerepparttar release of, "RSS, Blogs and Syndication... The Facts vs The Guruese,"repparttar 108354 ebook that explainsrepparttar 108355 truth about what RSS technology is, and what it can do for Internet business and personal communications.

RSS, though not a new technology, has recently becomerepparttar 108356 talk ofrepparttar 108357 net. Everyone wants to know about it, and many have scrambled to capitalize on this demand. However, in their haste, many authors have added torepparttar 108358 confusion surroundingrepparttar 108359 topic of RSS, by passing along inaccurate information. This book will explain, in easy to understand terms, what others have managed to further muddle.

Ms. Schiller has been publishing her ezine, The Trii-Zine, since September, 2001. While being a successful publication,repparttar 108360 problematic e-mail method of delivery was hamperingrepparttar 108361 growth ofrepparttar 108362 ezine, leading her to search for an alternative solution for content delivery. In October, 2003,repparttar 108363 alternative was found inrepparttar 108364 use of RSS.

The first RSS issue of The Trii-Zine Ezine was published in November, 2003. No issue has been e-mailed to subscribers since that time. http://www.ezines1.com/triizine


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