Understanding Custom Server Controls in ASP.NET

Written by Balaji

Understanding Custom Server Controls in ASP.NET

ASP.NET offers many server controls forrepparttar developers to create web applications. However, at some point of development time whenrepparttar 133467 developer does not getrepparttar 133468 control they want, they can create a new server control. This new server control can be called ASP.NET Custom Server Controls or user control. The basic difference between a ASP.NET Custom Server Controls and a user control is that unlike a user control that does not appear inrepparttar 133469 Toolbox, you can view a ASP.NET Custom Server Controls inrepparttar 133470 Toolbox. ASP.NET Custom Server Controls have their own events such as Enter, Onclick, and Onmouseover.

ASP.NET Custom Server Controls are very handy tool to use in your web forms. User controls prove inefficient in advanced scenarios. ASP.NET Custom Server Controls arerepparttar 133471 compiled code that makes them user friendly. You should writerepparttar 133472 ASP.NET Custom Server Controls in code, thereby view it inrepparttar 133473 visual designer with full properties and design-time features. You can create a ASP.NET Custom Server Controls by inheriting one ofrepparttar 133474 base control classes. These classes have allrepparttar 133475 functionality that is needed for a server control. Therefore, you just have to modify some ofrepparttar 133476 programming aspects to suit your requirements.


Written by Maida M. Barrientos

Union City, California (BUZZFON) July 8, 2004 - A small but emerging Filipino VoIP company, Bonusfon, answers torepparttar clamor ofrepparttar 133466 market today by launching, BuzzfonP2P , a free, compact and convenient soft phone that allow users makes clear pc to pc calls possible withoutrepparttar 133467 choppiness, echoes orrepparttar 133468 static noises; just crystal-clear voice even in low bandwidth environments.


VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol. It may sound alien to you now, but this is tomorrow's technology here today, VoIP isrepparttar 133469 hottest growth area and one ofrepparttar 133470 most debated topic onrepparttar 133471 world wide web today!

It's major advantage is to be able to make free or low cost digital calls usingrepparttar 133472 internet thereby lowering communications costs and improving relations whether for personal, business or network use.

At one time or another, you may have already tried it using free popular chat clients like Yahoo or MSN, though free, these applications does have it's disadvantages, like crackling sounds, choppiness, echoes and etc... This is whereVoIP softclients or webphones comes in.

VoIP Softclients or VoIP softphones are software that runs on your computer, it converts your voice into digital formats, converts it to IP and usesrepparttar 133473 internet as medium to transfer data calls from one PC to another, worldwide. Usingrepparttar 133474 latest communication protocols for transmission, Session Initiated Protocols (SIP) secure voice communications are possible and call set-up is much more precise. Usingrepparttar 133475 latest in compression and decompression technologies (codec) calls are much clearer, no breaking up of voices and sometimesrepparttar 133476 quality is better than traditional telephones.

Buzzfonp2p, a beta voip solution developed by US Based Filipino company, Buzzfon will enable you to make free and crystal clear calls from your pc to another pc. Buzzfon will be releasing their pc to phone version shortly providingrepparttar 133477 best quality international voice calls atrepparttar 133478 lowest cost. The VoIP market is presently dominated by US based broadband communications services such as net2phone, Vonage, and Yahoo.


You can download it for free at http://www.buzzfon.com. It's so easy to use, no configuration necessary, Buzzfon p2p will traverse NATs and firewalls. All you need is a headset with a microphone. Moreover, it promises to upholdrepparttar 133479 "no spyware installed" regulation. Bonusfon, a broadband VoIP service provider just launched "BuzzfonP2P " through Buzzfon.com, along side with Skype who has listed 11 million downloads and 170,000 concurrent users, Tamerlane Sanchez says "Our products and services are better than any VoIP product and service provider inrepparttar 133480 market today. " Tough words forrepparttar 133481 competition. Buzzfon says thatrepparttar 133482 market is clamoring for a better VoIP softphone able to make high quality calls even in low bandwidth environments, thusrepparttar 133483 emergence of Buzzfon.com

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