Understanding Common Type System in .Net Framework

Written by Balaji

Understanding Common Type System in .Net Framework

As .Net Framework is language independent and support over 20 different programming languages, many programmers will write data types in their own programming language.

For example, an integer variable in C# is written as int, whereas in Visual Basic it is written as integer. Therefore in .Net Framework you have single class called System.Int32 to interpret these variables. Similarly, forrepparttar ArrayList data type .Net Framework has a common type called System.Collections.ArrayList. In .Net Framework, System.Object isrepparttar 133444 common base type from where allrepparttar 133445 other types are derived.

This system is called Common Type System. The types in .NET Framework arerepparttar 133446 base on which .NET applications, components, and controls are built. Common Type System in .Net Framework defines how data types are going to be declared and managed in runtime. The Common Type System performsrepparttar 133447 following functions:

Automatically adapts itself in a framework that enables integration of multiple languages, type safety, and high performance code execution. Provides an object-oriented model. Standardizesrepparttar 133448 conventions that allrepparttar 133449 languages must follow. Invokes security checks. Encapsulates data structures.

How VOIP can mask your businesses size and save you a Bundle?

Written by Yolanda Yvette McDonald

Have you heardrepparttar buzz about VOIP (Voice Over Internt Protocol)? Basically, it's like communicating overrepparttar 133443 phone without a phone. Instead you plug your microphone into your computer log on to a website and "boom" you're talking baby. You may be saying "Hasn't this been around for a while?", and you'd be right. But withrepparttar 133444 advances recently made with regard to broadband technology this once "nice to have" product available to everyone. No long distance charges, no entry fees, no codes to remember and even better, withrepparttar 133445 better services, you can share applications and web browsers.

The ease and convenience of unlimited global calling from your computer. In addition to voice communication, you can send and receive group or private text messages. When you make a presentation to a group, everyone can seerepparttar 133446 same visual on their own screen.

VOIP technology is turning telephone technology upside down! VOIP will soon becomerepparttar 133447 preferred method of communication in today's world. This technology allows sales managers to conduct meetings with full audio-visual interaction fromrepparttar 133448 safety and comfort of their office or home. Uses are limited only by your imagination.

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