Underextend Yourself

Written by Jean R. Charles

It isrepparttar current trend in this world of opportunity for people to over-fill their schedules, over-spend their income, over-promise to their family and friends. All of this leads to overwhelm, overload, and being in over their heads and over-extended. It becomes obvious how prevalent these situations are by noticing how many over words we have in our vocabulary to describe them.

My bold proposal is that instead of allrepparttar 131390 overage, we practice under-extending ourselves. A graphic analogy to demonstrate this is to picture a rubber band around a deck of cards. Ifrepparttar 131391 band is stretched to its ultimate, adding even one more card will cause it to break and all ofrepparttar 131392 cards will scatter. Ifrepparttar 131393 band still has some slack and can stretch further, more cards may be added andrepparttar 131394 deck will stay intact.

If our lives are like that deck of cards and our rubber band has stretching room, we will be free to add more to our lives without losing our integrity. For example, if you have a reserve of money and a great investment opportunity presents itself, you can take advantage of it. If you keep reserves of time and energy, when unexpected events occur you can handle them without undue stress. If you under-promise to family and friends and then deliver in excess ofrepparttar 131395 promise, you are a hero.

There are several ways to keep some slack inrepparttar 131396 rubber band of your life. You can clean out some ofrepparttar 131397 “cards” in your deck that no longer serve you well. Cleaning outrepparttar 131398 clutter in your physical environment is an obvious example. You can free up space by getting rid of objects that are no longer useful to you. You will then have space to add valuable objects when they present themselves. Also, completingrepparttar 131399 uncluttering process will give you a burst of energy to add to your reserves.

Desperation to inspiration in thirty minutes flat !

Written by Peter Simmons

Hi my name is Peter. I'm no success guru, in fact i've never written an article on this subject before, ever! So why am i writing it now you ask? To tell you of something that truly inspired me and i hope will inspire you too.

Steve and i have been best friends for about twenty years now. Like most people we've had our ups and downs overrepparttar years and despite moving to different areas we've still kept in touch. In fact i really like that about our friendship, no matter what happens we'll always keep in touch and support each other. We're not reallyrepparttar 131389 kind of best friends that contact each other every day or even every other day. On average its probably about every two to three weeks.

I suppose like most people we have tried to weave our way through life with what we have. Neither of us settingrepparttar 131390 world alight when we left school with only minor school qualifications and not really being good at anything in particular.

Steve had always considered himself impaired in some way. He discovered he was dyslexic sometime later and led a dyslexic life. He didnt read or write unless forced and this ultimately had a huge impact on his life. He didnt learn much and he didnt know what was going on inrepparttar 131391 world because he didnt watchrepparttar 131392 news, read newspapers, books or sign up for any courses. Worst of all, he increasingly suffered from a lack of self-confidence that affected everything he did or thought about doing negatively. I noticed it more and more and it really got me down to see him like that. I tried to encourage him telling him he could do anything he wanted and giving examples of people who had achieved in their lives often against what seemed to be huge obstacles. It wasnt having much effect he just sawrepparttar 131393 negative.

One day i saw one of those tv ads for a tv programme that was just about to start. The programme was apparently going to be investigating a new treatment for dyslexia sufferers. He might find it interesting i thought and sent him a phone text message, "channel 3 now". I watchedrepparttar 131394 thirty minute programme. Although it was still early in their research trials, their results were positive. I wondered if he had seen it and found it interesting. I didnt hear from him, so made a mental note to ask him what he thought of it next time we spoke and thought no more about it.

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