Unbiased Step-by-step Guide on Web-Hosting

Written by Pavel Lenshin

Unbiased Step-by-step Guide on Web-Hosting copyright (c) Pavel Lenshin

No more speeches about importance of your own domain, no more talks about necessity of having paid hosting. If you think your brand domain name and stable hosting with a number of features and absence of ads are not worth, at least, $50-$150 per year, then you probably want to play games, rather than build online business.

Choosing hosting provider is something similar to choosingrepparttar place of your off-line office. Despiterepparttar 134415 fact that it is as easy to enterrepparttar 134416 URL and go to web-site that is physically located in Sidney as in Oslo,repparttar 134417 final role here playsrepparttar 134418 speed of connection and stability ofrepparttar 134419 hosting itself.

The problem with hosting comes down torepparttar 134420 old statute of running ebusiness - that is RESEARCH before ACT! The easiest thing to do online is to pay money,repparttar 134421 hardest is to THINK OVER what I'm paying for! That statement is true with hosting also because you can pay, let's say, $35 monthly for some particular hosting service, without notice that in two mouse clicks there is an hosting offer providing two times better services all for $15 per month only, so you will keep on losing services as well as $20 monthly that accumulates up to $240 annually losses as a Fee for not doing hosting research! Besides you should keep your eyes open for very good discounted offers that could save you 30-50% forrepparttar 134422 first year of payments.

Phase I - Determining NEEDS

1. Estimate your ebusiness basic requirements: total web-space needed, monthly bandwidth (approximate traffic volume multiplied byrepparttar 134423 most visited web-pages' total size) and ability to run CGI scripts as a must for every ebusiness.

If it is content rich web-site and example of your first year of hosting may look like this: · 30-50Mb of disc space; · 500Mb-1Gb of monthly bandwidth; · cgi-bin to be able to run your own scripts an offer additional services;

If it is sales web-site, your first year of hosting should be something similar to these requirements: · 50-300Mb of disc space depending on how much info products you are going to sell and therefore upload on your server; · 1-3Gb of monthly bandwidth; · cgi-bin to be able to run your own scripts an offer additional services;

In particular case with one-two ebooks and three-four pages sales web-site, 10Mb of storage space with 500Mb of monthly bandwidth, in general, is more than enough, if you are not going to expand it, so look closely and examine your potential but remember: you ALWAYS have a chance to expand, but you will NOT be able to get your money back if you overpay for services or web-space you don't need. That is called efficient ebusiness running.

2. Determine additional services that are necessary or preferably to have. Consider among themrepparttar 134424 following: - Email aliases - URL Redirects - Web Mail - FTP access/ FTP Accounts - Web control panel - Graphic statistics - Custom error pages - POP3 Accounts - Sub-domains - Autoresponders - Mailing List(s) - Password protected directories - MYSQL database(s) - Perl - PHP - SSI and - marketing info & support - promotional help (SE submissions, free banner impressions) - shopping cart - chat - forum

3. Plan your hosting expenses beforehand. Usuallyrepparttar 134425 amount you pay depends onrepparttar 134426 amount of services you choose, but not always as there are hosting providers, which offer identical services for totally different money. The saying that "You get what you paid for" is not necessarily true, especially what concerns high profit margins internet business. Although hosting service is not pure online as it involves some physical computer systems to be installed, nevertheless paying more for less is extremely possible. In other words, know your budget.

Phase II. Selectingrepparttar 134427 ONLY ONE!

1. Those who start looking for proper place or business web-site should have one or several possible costs in view that you knew or met positive feedback about. For now just make a note of them and put aside, we will come back for them inrepparttar 134428 step 3.

2. Now it is time to search among hundreds of offers. Accomplish your search by filling online forms at:

http://www.google.com http://www.hostcompare.com http://www.findmyhosting.com http://www.findwebspace.com http://www.hostsearch.com/search_main.asp

Click on advanced/enhanced search option if available, input all your approximate criteria that we determined atrepparttar 134429 first phase and here we go! Tens if not hundreds of wannabe your host providers at your computer screen in less than a minute.

3. Narrow your search by selecting first en (or more if you haverepparttar 134430 will and spare time) on every search site page(s) result. Now you should have 50 (or more) host providers as a result of host searching and 2-5 hosting companies you heard and knew about before.

Solving Common Problems with Hosting Companies

Written by Robin Nobles

Solving Common Problems with Web Hosting Companies

by Robin Nobles

For those of you with Web sites, you probably know what a “host” is. It’s a company that provides a location, or address, onrepparttar Internet where your Web site resides.

In other words, just like a physical business needs an address, so does a Web site. You can’t have a Web site and just “stick it up” onrepparttar 134414 Web. Unless you want to set up your own server, you have to go through a hosting company who gives you that address, including server space and bandwidth, that enablesrepparttar 134415 search engines and visitors to find your site.

Let’s look at some common problems we often have with hosting companies:

* You can never find an actual person to talk to! They may have a 24-hour customer service line open, but you can never get through to a real person.

* Hosting companies often think thatrepparttar 134416 “lowest price” will always getrepparttar 134417 sale, but they fail to realize that what people really want is excellent customer service, servers that are up almost 100% ofrepparttar 134418 time, and a variety of services that come withrepparttar 134419 hosting package.

* Many hosting companies don’t provide any other functionality other than Web site hosting. They don’t provide a “control panel” full of goodies such as PGP secure e-mail, shopping carts, log analysis, database creation, etc.

* Guess what? Technical support people often don’t makerepparttar 134420 best “customer support” people. They may be technical gurus, but their main interest lies in their high tech servers and other functionality, rather than solvingrepparttar 134421 simple problems of their customers.

* In other words, weak customer service is a major problem withrepparttar 134422 majority of hosting companies these days.

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