U.S. vs Militias and Gangs

Written by Ken Slater

The United States is a large modern country with devolving inner cities. There are more than 200 million guns inrepparttar possession of Americans. Most violent acts inrepparttar 125904 States arerepparttar 125905 result of robberies, domestic disputes and drug-related violence. Terrorist acts, ranging fromrepparttar 125906 killing of abortionist doctors torepparttar 125907 bombing ofrepparttar 125908 World Trade Center, are highly publicized but not considered a real threat to travelers. The threat of robbery or violent crime in inner cities and some tourist areas is real and should be taken seriously. Travel in America is considered safe, and danger is confined to random violence and inner cities. Those seeking adventure can find it in a New Orleans bar at five inrepparttar 125909 morning or strolling through South Central L.A. after midnight.

Land ofrepparttar 125910 free and home ofrepparttar 125911 brave. And you had better be brave here, because people are free to do pretty much anything they like. Behind white picket fences and two-car garages, husbands clobber their wives silly while their kids make crack deals overrepparttar 125912 phone watching Scarface onrepparttar 125913 tube. A land whererepparttar 125914 license plates of one state reads: "Live Free or Die." Nice choice.

And dying we are!

In Littleton, Colorado, a couple of pimply-faced kids too squirrely to join their high school football team, and armed like a Navy SEAL team, whack 12 of their fellow students and a teacher before doing a sword-swallowing act with their assault rifles and chowing on a lead lunch. And that was a copycat killing.

In Chicago, a World Church ofrepparttar 125915 Creator white-supremacist fruitcake goes on a two-state ethnic duck-shoot that leaves two dead and nine wounded before also using a .32-caliber hand gun on himself. The victims' crime? They'd look a little out of place in a Greenwich, Connecticut, Starbucks.

In Wyoming, a kid is beaten in a pickup and his corpse then propped up on a roadside property stake like a bludgeoned scarecrow-because he's gay.

In Texas, another guy is dragged behind a pickup until his limbs peel off his torso like drumsticks on a well-broiled turkey-because he's a black dude.

In Los Angeles, a couple of guys who watched DeNiro and Kilmer in Heat too much, robbed a bank armed torepparttar 125916 teeth and in full body armor, turningrepparttar 125917 streets of North Hollywood into a battlefield. Hollywood producers scramble on their Star Tacs to cut their deals for World's Scariest whatever deals asrepparttar 125918 bad boys walk around calmly, jacked up and spraying bullets. The cops were so outgunned they raid a gun shop for an arsenal usually reserved for beach landings. Was there a message? Hell Yeah! Great ratings on Fox.

This is a land where doctors kiss their wives good-bye and later lose their lives outside burning abortion clinics in Massachusetts, Virginia, Florida, Oregon, Ohio, Minnesota and California-the victims of preachers, former altar boys, and women who look more like manicurists than terrorists. Other docs doingrepparttar 125919 dishes in their suburban homes are assassinated with deer rifles.

In Idaho, Montana, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas and Utah,repparttar 125920 pride of white America, stash a decade's worth of Spam and freeze-dried food intorepparttar 125921 hills, practice with paint guns and plotrepparttar 125922 demise of everybody fromrepparttar 125923 IRS torepparttar 125924 FBI. In this land of equality and free speech,repparttar 125925 JDL and Nation of Islam do their part to keeprepparttar 125926 hate at a scalding pitch.

In L.A., inner-city toddlers catch stray bullets from drive-by shooters, while, in New York, Islamic whackos use a rented van full of fertilizer makings to blow uprepparttar 125927 World Trade Center. In San Diego, a despondent plumber hotwires a tank, flattens some cars, and is shot to death after high-centering on a freeway divider. Rival rapsters in New York and L.A. gun down each other in a war ofrepparttar 125928 coasts.

What would Ozzie and Harriet Nelson say?

In Miami, a renowned fashion designer out to fetch his morning paper-whose only crime is penning groin-high hemlines-is blown away by a young, bar-hopping trendie from West L.A. who looks disturbingly like another young, bar-hopping trendie from West L.A.-only that one is allegedly hacked up by a famous football and movie star.

Local police are now hiring ex-SEALs to teach them how to take down entire schools instead of trailers. Things are heating up. What's that miss? Your kitten's uprepparttar 125929 tree? Boom!

A recent Gallup poll discovered that 40 percent ofrepparttar 125930 American people think that "the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens." Delta Force at Waco. Black helicopters over urban cities. New World Order? Naw just your tax dollars hard at work doing something.

Blame It All On Rush Limbaugh.

Written by Larsen Rogers

For over a decade Liberal bashing has increased to such epidemic proportions that is should be considered racist. Ifrepparttar conservatives were criticizing and insulting Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, etc. their would be an outrage.

Well, itís time to fight back against those evil doers who want to shove their misguided and distorted beliefs down our throats. Feel free to make T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, etc. withrepparttar 125903 following slogans:

Liberty Blessed America

In Liberty We Trust

One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All

Liberals believe in Liberty.

Conservatives believe in Control.

Liberals Love Everyone.

Conservatives Hate Everyone.

Whatísrepparttar 125904 difference between a Conservative and A Communist?

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