U.S. Postal Service Products & Services for your Home Business

Written by L. Dean Sturgeon

For 32 years nowrepparttar U.S. Postal Service isrepparttar 113493 only quasi-Governmental Agency that exist without taxpayer support. We are a self-supporting quasi-Government entity who is still governed byrepparttar 113494 U.S. Congress and non-competitive.

Each and every dollar thatrepparttar 113495 Postal Service uses to function on a day to day basis is derived from its customers who purchase products and services.

For those who are not familiar withrepparttar 113496 services and products we offer I hope to give a simple and concise article on each and every service and product that is available to you as a consumer.

U.S. Postal Service Carrier Pickup from Home or Business

Written by L. Dean Sturgeon

Carrier pickup is absolutely FREE...

Eliminate your wait in line at your local post office.

Excellent service for Home businesses that deal in Internet auctions, legal services and etc.

No limit onrepparttar number of packages that you need picked up. 1, 100, 1000.......

Carrier pickup providesrepparttar 113492 ultimate convenience in sending packages. Just prepare your package before your carrier arrives, and submit your Carrier pickup request. You can sign up or sign in to schedule a Carrier pickup for up to 3 months.

Carrier pickup is available for sending packages and returning merchandise usingrepparttar 113493 following domestic services:

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