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The Malice Of Corporate America

Written by Jarba

If you are one of most Americans who own stocks or corporate bonds, thanks to retirement plans, mutual funds and such, you are owning a piece of "Corporate America". But wait, before getting complacent and letting out a tearful "being proud to be an American", make sure your pride and loyalty as a shareholder are carefully guarded by blindness and naiveté, becauserepparttar corporations have no scruples in ignoring, or even going against your interests, as long as it serves theirs. The truth is, shareholders or not,repparttar 113489 majority of people in this country are passive receivers of whatever, be it government, policies, or sometimes even perceptions, handed out by "corporations", and whenrepparttar 113490 corporations screw up ,repparttar 113491 consequences would be all ours. The insignificance of our paltry ownership of this Corporate America destines that our voice be unheard, our opinions ignored, and our interests, whenever contrasting to that of corporates, invariably trampled.

When Monsanto and other bioengineering corporations are ready to push their transgenic products torepparttar 113492 market,repparttar 113493 government's stand is duly in their favor. The FDA forgoes stringent safety tests and gives their green light by assumingrepparttar 113494 GMO foods are safe because they're claimed to be equivalent torepparttar 113495 conventional products. Whateverrepparttar 113496 FDA's concerns are on this account,repparttar 113497 consumers' interests and opinions are not among them. There was never a public educational or view-solicitation program on changes so drastic and so important to our daily lives. Instead,repparttar 113498 tactic of Corporate America, with corporations and their representatives inrepparttar 113499 form of government, is to smuggle those products ontorepparttar 113500 supermarket shelves with as least fanfare as possible, so most consumers wouldn't even notice anything changing. For those unlucky few who happened to get wind of it, and dare to question it, there're answers, loads of them, manufactured by PR companies hired byrepparttar 113501 Monsanto's. Torepparttar 113502 even fewer who are still unconvinced by this gigantic PR machine, who wisely understand their powerlessness in blockingrepparttar 113503 onslaught of bioengineering corporations, and hence content themselves by requesting onlyrepparttar 113504 proper GMO food labeling so they can opt-out in purchasing them,repparttar 113505 outcry is ignored. After all, it goes againstrepparttar 113506 most important marketing tactic ofrepparttar 113507 corporations, and it'srepparttar 113508 corporations' interest, notrepparttar 113509 individual American's, that this country cares about and serves.

This is not surprising, considering how our government itself is molded by big corporations. It'srepparttar 113510 corporation money that keeps most politicians' career aspirations afloat. Without those fat checks to buyrepparttar 113511 mass media for face-time,repparttar 113512 chance to have a successful campaign is next to zero. This political system is nicely convenient torepparttar 113513 Corporate America, and thus carefully designed and strenuously maintained in this country, as very few industrial countries do. Look who wererepparttar 113514 privileged ones invited into our vice president's secret national energy meeting -repparttar 113515 industrial leaders, or more accurately,repparttar 113516 biggest campaign donors. You shouldn't really be surprised that California energy crisis was intentionally brought upon by big corporations, (withrepparttar 113517 help of government policy, they have that capacity and after all, business is business); Andrepparttar 113518 individual investors arerepparttar 113519 one who default first onrepparttar 113520 Enron's collapse, (individuals are, of course, outside of government concern); Andrepparttar 113521 vice president refused independent scrutinization ofrepparttar 113522 content of that mysterious meeting, (again, those secrets are entitled to be kept as they were, which isrepparttar 113523 best call torepparttar 113524 interest of corporations involved).

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