U.S. Postal Service Click-N-Ship® for your Home Business

Written by L. Dean Sturgeon

Click-N-Ship® bringsrepparttar Post Office™ to your desktop with no additional fees. To start printing professional shipping labels - with or without postage - simply log on at:

Click-N-Ship website (www.usps.com/shipping/label.htm) Withrepparttar 113491 Click-N-Ship service you can:

Purchase PC Postage® labels on USPS.com Pay for postage with any major credit card Calculate and compare rates Standardize your addresses Find a ZIP Code™ Labels can be printed for domestic and international expedited package services.

Priority Mail® service Express Mail® service Global Express Guaranteed® service Global Express Mail™ service Get these value-added extra services when you ship Priority Mail online.

Delivery Confirmation™ service is free – and providesrepparttar 113492 ZIP Code, date and time of delivery. Add Signature Confirmation™ service for only $1.30. New! (Beginning September 16th, 2004) Get greater peace of mind with USPS® insurance on Click-N-Ship.

Add it to your Priority Mail and Express Mail packages. Coverage is available up to $200. Regular insurance fees apply. It’s easy to get started.

All you need is an Internet connection, your home or office PC and a laser or quality inkjet printer. Go torepparttar 113493 Click-N-Ship website and click onrepparttar 113494 "Sign Up" link underrepparttar 113495 Register Now information onrepparttar 113496 right-hand side ofrepparttar 113497 page. Labels can be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper and glued or taped securely torepparttar 113498 package. Self-adhesive labels may be purchased online. Use your home or office scale or order one online with an easy link to The Postal Store®. More features that make it even easier to ship online:

U.S. Postal Service Mail Bag - Q & A

Written by L. Dean Sturgeon

Your questions answered here.

If you have a question pertaining torepparttar services and products offered byrepparttar 113490 U.S.

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