U.S. Postal Service Carrier Pickup from Home or Business

Written by L. Dean Sturgeon

Carrier pickup is absolutely FREE...

Eliminate your wait in line at your local post office.

Excellent service for Home businesses that deal in Internet auctions, legal services and etc.

No limit onrepparttar number of packages that you need picked up. 1, 100, 1000.......

Carrier pickup providesrepparttar 113492 ultimate convenience in sending packages. Just prepare your package before your carrier arrives, and submit your Carrier pickup request. You can sign up or sign in to schedule a Carrier pickup for up to 3 months.

Carrier pickup is available for sending packages and returning merchandise usingrepparttar 113493 following domestic services:

U.S. Postal Service Click-N-Ship® for your Home Business

Written by L. Dean Sturgeon

Click-N-Ship® bringsrepparttar Post Office™ to your desktop with no additional fees. To start printing professional shipping labels - with or without postage - simply log on at:

Click-N-Ship website (www.usps.com/shipping/label.htm) Withrepparttar 113491 Click-N-Ship service you can:

Purchase PC Postage® labels on USPS.com Pay for postage with any major credit card Calculate and compare rates Standardize your addresses Find a ZIP Code™ Labels can be printed for domestic and international expedited package services.

Priority Mail® service Express Mail® service Global Express Guaranteed® service Global Express Mail™ service Get these value-added extra services when you ship Priority Mail online.

Delivery Confirmation™ service is free – and providesrepparttar 113492 ZIP Code, date and time of delivery. Add Signature Confirmation™ service for only $1.30. New! (Beginning September 16th, 2004) Get greater peace of mind with USPS® insurance on Click-N-Ship.

Add it to your Priority Mail and Express Mail packages. Coverage is available up to $200. Regular insurance fees apply. It’s easy to get started.

All you need is an Internet connection, your home or office PC and a laser or quality inkjet printer. Go torepparttar 113493 Click-N-Ship website and click onrepparttar 113494 "Sign Up" link underrepparttar 113495 Register Now information onrepparttar 113496 right-hand side ofrepparttar 113497 page. Labels can be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper and glued or taped securely torepparttar 113498 package. Self-adhesive labels may be purchased online. Use your home or office scale or order one online with an easy link to The Postal Store®. More features that make it even easier to ship online:

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