US Marine Kills Unarmed Iraqi

Written by Gary R. Hess

Recent photos from NBC showed a US Marine shooting and killing an unarmed man in Falluja on November 13th. The US Marine had reported to be shot inrepparttar facerepparttar 113483 night before, but was able to continue fighting untilrepparttar 113484 siege was over.

The action is now under investigation, however fellow marines state they would have donerepparttar 113485 same underrepparttar 113486 circumstances.

Q: Does this mean his action was justified? A: No. Under no circumstance should an unarmed man be killed, even in battle. If he possessed any threat towardsrepparttar 113487 Marine then possible action should have been taken, but since he didnt this is an outrage andrepparttar 113488 Marine should be dealt a court-martial and sometime in military prison.

Q: Is this howrepparttar 113489 supposed best military inrepparttar 113490 world acts towards situations under high stress? A: As far as we knowrepparttar 113491 US Military has done a good job forrepparttar 113492 most part, but in situations like Abu Ghurayb and this case should be an indication that something is wrong withrepparttar 113493 US military system.


Written by Robert Bruce Baird

We need to abolish advertising for public positions and all parties and lobbies or any corruption that comes from it. I want a penalty of four timesrepparttar usual and an exclusion from any important job to go along with it in any case of willful corruption. I also want to discussrepparttar 113482 kind of thing Porto Allegre has done in Brazil. We can enable all citizens who takerepparttar 113483 time to educate themselves to vote on important decisions atrepparttar 113484 city and state level. Sean said.

That is nave to sayrepparttar 113485 least. De Vere smiled at Sean as he said it. But tell us how that might work. I have been amazed at some of your approaches and I have seen them work so I will hold off judging you this time.

I am nave to be sure. I am almost an innocent and I have been victimized or seen my fellow man victimized too much to continue to try to be anything but innocent and nave. In fact I like being innocent and I hope to make everyone strive forrepparttar 113486 sense of righteous innocence so that we will never again have such a monstrous and terrible catastrophe as we are still inrepparttar 113487 throes of. My innocence extends to thinking that all people are capable of more than bureaucrats and our Synarchistic leaders have allowed them to do and be. Indeedrepparttar 113488 question posed by William Shakespeare is appropriate. Are we really will to Be and allow othersrepparttar 113489 right and opportunity To Be?

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