US Government Recognizes 'They Slew The Dreamer'

Written by Gary Revel

A friend just brought it torepparttar attention of Gary Revel today thatrepparttar 113498 United States Government has indeed recognized his conclusion of a conspiracy inrepparttar 113499 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The House of Representatives andrepparttar 113500 Senate ofrepparttar 113501 United States clearly confirmed that 'THEY SLEW THE DREAMER' versus he slewrepparttar 113502 dreamer thatrepparttar 113503 lone gunman (James Earl Ray) theory of King's murder implied in a joint resolution. On January 15, 2001, afterrepparttar 113504 civil trial in Memphis that concluded King's assassination wasrepparttar 113505 result of a conspiracy and many years after Gary's song 'They Slew The Dreamer' aboutrepparttar 113506 conspiracy and assassination was recorded and releasedrepparttar 113507 House and Senate concurred to present a resolution torepparttar 113508 Reverend Willie Woodson, of Livingrepparttar 113509 Dream, Inc. Withinrepparttar 113510 context ofrepparttar 113511 resolution it was quite deliberately stated that in fact even though 'they slewrepparttar 113512 dreamer'repparttar 113513 dream was not dead. The wording in this presentation makes it clear thatrepparttar 113514 present government ofrepparttar 113515 United States of America believes that officials and leaders of our government inrepparttar 113516 1960's, 1970's and some inrepparttar 113517 80's, 90's and possibly even some today are guilty of being involved inrepparttar 113518 conspiracy or at leastrepparttar 113519 cover-up of King's killing. It must also be recognized thatrepparttar 113520 news organizations of America are culpable as well in promotingrepparttar 113521 lie of 'he slewrepparttar 113522 dreamer' in thousands of news articles, stories and press releases overrepparttar 113523 last thirty five years and at this point owes all Americans as well as interested people aroundrepparttar 113524 world a great apology for such deliberate acts of criminal conspiracy to cover-up a crime

The resolution follows:

HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 755 Offered January 15, 2001 Commending "Livingrepparttar 113525 Dream, Inc." on its work to preserve and promoterepparttar 113526 philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ---------- Patron-- Robinson ---------- WHEREAS, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., history's greatest visionary and orator, was a "drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness" who decided early to give his life to something eternal and absolute; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., noted scholar, prolific writer, peacemaker, and theologian, embarked on his divine calling in 1955 when he organizedrepparttar 113527 Montgomery Bus Boycott and ledrepparttar 113528 citizens of Montgomery, Alabama, to protestrepparttar 113529 arrest of Rosa Parks, who refused to relinquish her seat nearrepparttar 113530 front of a bus to a white man; and

WHEREAS,repparttar 113531 Montgomery Bus Boycott wasrepparttar 113532 catalyst forrepparttar 113533 Civil Rights Movement, marshaling, galvanizing, and unifying African-Americans and other justice-loving persons acrossrepparttar 113534 nation to changerepparttar 113535 social order andrepparttar 113536 status quo through nonviolent protests; and

WHEREAS, many persons, inspired by his message of love, faith, hope, peace, andrepparttar 113537 equality of mankind, labored with him to bring freedom, justice, and human dignity to a people oppressed by centuries of cruel bondage, rejection, and discrimination, thereby transforming and liberating all men; and

WHEREAS, Dr. King's message and legacy stands as a beacon forrepparttar 113538 humble masses throughoutrepparttar 113539 world, encouraging them to keep "their eyes onrepparttar 113540 prize forrepparttar 113541 promised land is ahead"; and

Keeping Below the Radar

Written by William Cate

Keeping Belowrepparttar Radar William Cate [] []

"Once we begin using material products to define ourselves, we are doomed to be on an endless treadmill of dissatisfaction." Erich Fromm - in his book "To Have or To Be", 1979.

Western Civilization is based upon materialism. It's not so important to be wealthy as it is to show everyone that you are rich. Living beyond your income ensures your eventual bankruptcy. It will happen atrepparttar 113497 smallest of reversal of your fortunes. More importantly, history teaches us thatrepparttar 113498 wealthy in every society are usuallyrepparttar 113499 first ones sacrificed when economic and social upheavals become forces for major political change. The European and Asian social dictum to live modestly were abandoned inrepparttar 113500 20th Century. The next political upheaval will sweep away everyone who forgotrepparttar 113501 lessons learned by their ancestors.

Amassing wealth shouldn't be your goal in life. Prestige is overrated. Those who envy you will eventually want to destroy you. Money gives you relative freedom and security. To keep your relative freedom and security, you must avoid conscription, confrontation, confiscation, imprisonment or execution by your own or any other government. Criminals are far more likely to steal fromrepparttar 113502 people who show their wealth than those who live modestly. And those who demonstrate their wealth are never certain they have any friends. The people they like may be attracted only to their money and not their personality.

Living modestly and telling everyone that you are rich defeats your goal of blending into your Society. Keep your financial affairs private. Encourage your family to follow your example.

Avoid personal debt. Sadly, you'll need a couple of credit cards to blend into Society. However, there is no justification for not paying your charges as they come due. In many countries, it's wise to have a mortgage on your house, but try to ensure thatrepparttar 113503 interest rate is below your national inflation rate.

Have more than one passport. Ensure that your immediate family members are included as citizens of your adopted country. It is relatively easy to get a passport, by investment, ancestry or marriage in several countries ofrepparttar 113504 European Union. The same is true of Canada, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand. You can get a second passport from assorted tropical paradises. You'll never know when that second passport may berepparttar 113505 difference between life and death.

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