US Federal Judge Reverses Ban on Deadly Diet Supplement

Written by DocStuey

Money Talks Yet Once Again. With 2003 estimated sales in excess of $1.2 Billion US Dollars, a dietary supplement purported to be responsible for numerous deaths, is now back onrepparttar market. The FDA, following concerns raised byrepparttar 143857 medical community, overrepparttar 143858 deaths of several athletic individuals usingrepparttar 143859 supplement, not just “couch potatoes” gallantly attempting to return to a more active and fit lifestyle, passed motion to banrepparttar 143860 “diet miracle” fat burner. The 2003 death of 23-year-old Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler, resulted in a slew of negative publicity that lead to declining sales of diet and sports supplements containingrepparttar 143861 compound. Based on data collected from several poison control centers, a group of California based researchers had claimedrepparttar 143862 compound to berepparttar 143863 most dangerous herbal product onrepparttar 143864 market. Because it is an herb, it was not subject to regulations governing pharmaceutical drugs and could be sold over-the-counter. This is stillrepparttar 143865 case today. The government's decision to banrepparttar 143866 supplement actually came late in 2003. According torepparttar 143867 Public Citizen's Health Research Group in Washington, D.C., More than 150 deaths have been linked torepparttar 143868 use ofrepparttar 143869 compound in recent years. Tommy Thompson, Health and Human Services Secretary atrepparttar 143870 time, saidrepparttar 143871 government had enough evidence to confirmrepparttar 143872 supplement was so powerful it quite readily caused heart attacks. Thompson announced a "Consumer Alert" warning againstrepparttar 143873 use of all products containingrepparttar 143874 herb in any form, further statingrepparttar 143875 agency had notified manufacturers of its intent to publish a final rule banningrepparttar 143876 sale of supplements containingrepparttar 143877 compound. The ban followedrepparttar 143878 government review of more than 16,000 reports of adverse events, Thompson said. The actual ban was issued in February 2004.

Does your weight loss plan include these 10 Essential Steps?

Written by Winston Ng, Phenogy Health Advisor

Be prepared to be less effective and waste your own time, if your weight loss programme does not contain these quick lose fat tricks.

1. Must have a Change in Lifestyle

Every effective weight loss programme will help clients change their lifestyle. This is absolutely critical torepparttar long term success ofrepparttar 143745 programme. Unfortunately, it is now fashionable to pop slimming pills or go for cellulite treatments to lose weight.

The results from such programmes will never be permanent becauserepparttar 143746 person’s lifestyle would effortlessly put back allrepparttar 143747 weight. The very moment that these artificial programmes are halted, weight will come rushing back.

When a person changes his/ her lifestyle,repparttar 143748 unhealthy food and weight gaining activities will be eliminated from their daily lives. Hence, an effective weight loss system MUST have an in-built mechanism that helps clients refine their lifestyle.

2. Must include a Water Drinking plan BEFORE Meals

Drinking at least a glass of water half an hour before meals is critical to weigh loss and maintenance of a healthy body. The water replenishesrepparttar 143749 fluids that will be used to make bicarbonate solution onrepparttar 143750 mucus membrane of our stomach lining. This protectsrepparttar 143751 stomach from being burnt by its own acid fluid.

Similarly, a well hydrated body reducesrepparttar 143752 urge to drink unhealthy drinks which introduce more toxins to your body. Furthermore,repparttar 143753 body does not need to excessively retain water, thus makingrepparttar 143754 body fatter than necessary.

Lastly, a majority of people are chronically dehydrated though they seem to be leading normal lives. It is a common sight to see my clients reducerepparttar 143755 amount they eat after they beginrepparttar 143756 water routine. Many people have lostrepparttar 143757 ability to differentiate between food hunger and water hunger. A systematic water plan will help them regain this lost touch.

3. Must include a systematic plan for reduction of sweetened and diuretic beverages.

Sweetened drinks are beverages like soda, cola, diet cola, tea, coffee and beer. The three major groups of substances that would impede and slow down your weight loss are caffeine, sugar and sugar substitutes.

Caffeine – This is a diuretic substance that drains your body of water. It is roughly estimated that you lose 33% more fluid from your body thenrepparttar 143758 amount you drank. If you drink one cup of coffee, you would lose allrepparttar 143759 fluid fromrepparttar 143760 coffee plus an extra 1/3 a cup. This makes you body desperate to retain whatever water it can. Inrepparttar 143761 long run, your body’s instinctive reaction is to retain water, hence giving outrepparttar 143762 round water-filled appearance. Diuretic drinks are coffee, tea, most colas, most sodas and beer (though it technically has no caffeine, it is a diuretic).

Sugar – Besidesrepparttar 143763 numerous health damaging effects of sugar on your body, it also adds useless calories to your diet. When sugar entersrepparttar 143764 body it is broken down into glucose andrepparttar 143765 calorie that is created is termed “empty calorie”. It has absolutely no vitamins or minerals, hence it does not do any good to your body besides adding calories.

Sugar substitutes – Sugar substitutes like Aspartame (sold as nutrasweet) and Splenda cause you to overeat sugars (including carbohydrates) because receptors inrepparttar 143766 tongue have been trained, throughrepparttar 143767 years, to expect “sugar” when it tastes “sugar”. Products like nutrasweet always tout that you getrepparttar 143768 taste of 8 (figurative number) spoonfuls of sugar but only halfrepparttar 143769 spoonful of calories. In theory this sounds great, however, our receptors inrepparttar 143770 tongue will stop glucose production inrepparttar 143771 body and expect to be able to take it fromrepparttar 143772 incoming food. So now it is expecting 8 times worth of sugar calories! Butrepparttar 143773 sugar only provides 1/16th of that. The body now hungers for more food since it has shut down glucose production. All “diet” drinks that claim to be sugar free and sweets that are sugar free contain either nutrasweet or splenda, you can confirm it onrepparttar 143774 labels.

4. A Muscle growth programme

You need a proper muscle growth plan if you ever want to stop spiralling back to your heavy weight. Programmes that are based on pills and nutrition tend to neglect or gloss overrepparttar 143775 muscle building plan. This is very dangerous because your muscle acts as a buffer for excess calories and helps maintain your weight and figure. Furthermore, there is no such thing as eating to build muscles as popularly believed. Muscles can only be built inrepparttar 143776 good old fashioned way – make it do work.

5. A programme that focuses onrepparttar 143777 growth ofrepparttar 143778 aerobic Type 1 muscle fibres.

Onrepparttar 143779 other extreme there are programmes that are excessively focused on going torepparttar 143780 gym. That would mean they ask you to go twice or three times a week torepparttar 143781 gym for weights. This is a waste of your time and probably they are building up Type II (a/b) muscles instead of Type 1 muscles fibres. This difference is important because Type II muscles are big and showy, but they require a lot of maintenance and have poor fat burning abilities. Type 1 muscle fibres hardly bulge but containrepparttar 143782 highest amount of mitochondria, an essential enzyme in fat burning.

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