Written by Andy Walsh

The idea of this section is for you to start to build useful links from your site. Do this for two reasons:-

1.To act as a resource to your visitors 2.You may be given a reciprocal link, which should increase your traffic.

Right, now begin to consider a few ideas that you could put on a web page that would enhancerepparttar reading experience.


Where arerepparttar 119393 main locations ofrepparttar 119394 novel?

Think about this for a minute. Is it LA? Is it Paris? Is it Africa?

Now pull up your favourite search engine (I use all repparttar 119395 time it's my favourite). Now put intorepparttar 119396 search enginerepparttar 119397 location of your book. You'll be given, hopefully, thousands of websites to choose from. Look at a few ofrepparttar 119398 links. Do any seem appealing or eye-catching? If they do, add them torepparttar 119399 links section of your website or even profile a link onrepparttar 119400 home page. You've started to broaden your books appeal already.


You've written a hard-hitting police drama set in San Francisco. So, following my advice, you putrepparttar 119401 words `San Francisco' into your search engine.

What do you get?

Well, in less than a second I've found 2 million links!!!

The first link I looked at was a map ofrepparttar 119402 city. Wouldn't that be great to add as a link? People can then followrepparttar 119403 action in your book.

Then I foundrepparttar 119404 official city website. That's a must have!

I trawl through a few more links then I find a site that has a series of web cams set up. Wow!

The SECRET GOLD MINE Hidden In FFA Link Submissions!

Written by A.T.Rendon

Some people just do not get it.

They go to allrepparttar trouble of submitting their links to a FREE For All (FFA) Link site, be it an individual web site or more than likely, a member of a huge network of 1000's of FFA Link sites.

But then they miss it completely by avoidingrepparttar 119392 massive amounts of emailrepparttar 119393 result from such submissions.

Some people enter in false email addresses that clog up everyone's email includingrepparttar 119394 ISP's that have to send out those, "User Unknown" messages.

Worse still, even if by accident, or if on purpose, they enter in an email address that turns out to belong to someone else.

Doing this does bring yourepparttar 119395 limited benefit of having other web sites link to your web site but you would miss out completely by NOT getting visitors.

And if you do it on purpose, there are now legal ramifications for entering in false info that then causes someone else damage due torepparttar 119396 misuse of resources.

The absolutely outrageous truth about FFA Link submissions is that there is a "SECRET GOLD MINE Hidden In FFA Link Submissions!".


It isrepparttar 119397 email responses!

Many people consider those confirmation emails as junk email and or spam. But that is totally WRONG!


Because those emails come from people that PAID forrepparttar 119398 privilege to send you those confirmation emails, Spam-Free.

That means that every single email confirmation that you receive comes from a QUALIFIED BUYER, someone that has already proven their worth because they SPENT hard earned MONEY to buy a business service online.


And, NO, it is NOT enough to send an auto-response message to those confirmation emails.

But that is a great first step.

You make your FFA Link submission. The PREMIUM FFA Member sends you one confirmation email.

You are now legally entitled to respond - ONCE, with your own Auto-Responder message.

Makerepparttar 119399 SUBJECT - TITLE a good one because most people ONLY scanrepparttar 119400 headlines and delete what is of no interest.

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