USCIS (INS) continues to expand online InfoPass service.

Written by Victor Motak

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly Immigration and Naturalization Services, INS) continues to rollout its immigration information by appointment system called InfoPass, with three new USCIS districts added last week. Atlanta, Boston and Houston arerepparttar newest additions, makingrepparttar 113487 system now available in almost all major metropolitan areas with large immigrant populations. These areas include Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

Along withrepparttar 113488 Case Status Online service (allows user to checkrepparttar 113489 status of some pending applications, e.g. green card applications) which was made available earlier this year onrepparttar 113490 Internet, andrepparttar 113491 electronic filing ofrepparttar 113492 12 most popular immigration forms, (accounts for more than 50% of all immigration benefit applications filed each year) InfoPass isrepparttar 113493 newest effort intended to reduce long lines and speed uprepparttar 113494 processing backlog of services provided byrepparttar 113495 USCIS.

Where is our largest technological plan?

Written by J.C.Melo

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Where is our largest technological plan?

By J.C.Melo The period, more or less one year before September 11. The White House Technology Advisor worked inrepparttar 113487 mankind largest plan until now, to install a fantastic communications and IT network of 100 Mb/s in 100 million houses inrepparttar 113488 next 10 years. A plan bigger thanrepparttar 113489 Kennedy's plan to place a man inrepparttar 113490 Moon in 10 years.

The plan was being developed with a lot of priorities, 470 companies had already petitioned to participate and/or to invest, they discussedrepparttar 113491 more suitable communications protocol amongrepparttar 113492 existent ones - asrepparttar 113493 H.323 - andrepparttar 113494 new ones, etc. The forecast was to announce it untilrepparttar 113495 end of 2002.

That plan had very big goals, among which I can remember:

01. e-Surgery 02. e-Physician 03. e-Education (all levels) 04. e-Training (for companies) 05. e-Business (B2B, B2C, C2B, and by voice) 06. Iterative TV 07. e-Movies 08. e-Security (Federal, State, Country, homes) 09. e-Elections 10. TV telephony 11. e-Police 12. e-Government (all betweenrepparttar 113496 government andrepparttar 113497 Citizens) 13. e-Theater 14. e-Conferences 15. e-Libraries 16. e-Sciences 17. e-Polls 18. e-Management 19. TeleCommuter (home work) 20. All IT processing and storage through distant data centers 21. An estimated 1,000,000 new companies

and more e-Xs that you can imagine.

In every moment that I thought of this plan, I lamented two things: first, to be 73-years old and probably cannot accompanies him inrepparttar 113498 next 30 years, and second,repparttar 113499 dozens of technological ideas that I could suggest.

And thenrepparttar 113500 September 11 happened,repparttar 113501 main national priority moved to security matters,repparttar 113502 investments - government and privates - moved to another directions andrepparttar 113503 people worried more aboutrepparttar 113504 moment than withrepparttar 113505 future.

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