URL Where?

Written by Scott

Your URL (www) should be everywhere and more. I know many of you are going to think this is common sense, but how many of these are you using? Your web address should be on every piece of anything your business does, period. Your customers can come from anywhere, at anytime.  Yep,repparttar airport at 3:32 a.m., or how aboutrepparttar 131836 car behind you? Below is a list of some ofrepparttar 131837 obvious andrepparttar 131838 not so obvious places you should be advertising your website. Some of them cost you nothing, most of them cost you very little. Do you want more customers than your competitors? Then put yourself 'out there' - more than your competition! You'll be surprised at how much traffic you can directly generate. Hopefully you are using all of this first set... Invoices - Make sure, or get it on your next re-order. Statements - Another one, get it printed!

Business Cards - Every card should haverepparttar 131839 website address and appropriate e-mail address. (See SS Hot Tips!) Letterhead - Right after your address should be your web address. Envelopes - This all goes to Branding effectively and getting people to your site.

Company Vehicles - Often overlooked, but I thought I would add it here... don't forget these!

Corrugate Products - Each and every package or product you ship should have your web address either stamped on it (cheap) or printed onrepparttar 131840 next run.

Everything you publish with your company name should also carry your URL. Your Holiday cards for example...

Should I Design In-House?

Written by Jake Gorst

Withrepparttar birth ofrepparttar 131834 commercial Internet many companies realizedrepparttar 131835 need to jump onrepparttar 131836 bandwagon and create a Web site. Rather than hire a design or advertising agency to create their site, they elected an employee or group of employees to go for training.

Inrepparttar 131837 mid-nineties these individuals would learn html programming and perhaps some basic Adobe Photoshop techniques. Byrepparttar 131838 late ninetiesrepparttar 131839 training may have involved any handful of html authoring software packages. Armed with their new technological know-how these employees went to work creating their company’s new Internet offering.

Some companies were quite successful atrepparttar 131840 task of designing in-house. Most were not. There are many reasons why these Web sites failed. Most failed because of a lack of understanding aboutrepparttar 131841 nature ofrepparttar 131842 Internet monster that had just arrived and so rudely jumped into everyone's comfort zone. Some maderepparttar 131843 mistake of thinking that they understood it based on knowledge of previous advertising and marketing venues. Others felt that they could tackle it because they hadrepparttar 131844 necessary technical knowledge.

To this day a large percentage of companies have not realizedrepparttar 131845 full potential ofrepparttar 131846 Internet because they assume too much and know too little.

You need to ask yourself, "Should my company design our Web site in-house?" This question may well be answered by considering another question: "Do we haverepparttar 131847 resources to do so?" Obviously those companies that tried and failed began by thinking that they were prepared. What did they do wrong?

Where didrepparttar 131848 responsibility land? In many casesrepparttar 131849 job of designingrepparttar 131850 site fell torepparttar 131851 corporate Information Systems department. It makes sense, doesn't it? These arerepparttar 131852 people that set uprepparttar 131853 desktop computers, configurerepparttar 131854 servers and runrepparttar 131855 network. Many in this department know how to program html, javascript, cgi, etc. Some may have a working knowledge of various database programs and can design a great back-end system.

The one thing that most IS departments lack, however, is someone that has studied psychological marketing and has a solid graphic design background. As a result,repparttar 131856 finished web site was unprofessional looking, difficult to navigate and hard to understand.

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