URL Submission to Search Engines

Written by Azani

Getting indexed inrepparttar Internet search engine is very important if you want everybody to knowrepparttar 139133 existence of your web site. Imagine,repparttar 139134 Internet is likerepparttar 139135 earth, and you web site is like a shop on earth. Unfortunately, unlikerepparttar 139136 real world, your shop is not visible; nobody's shop is visible. It is only visible after we enterrepparttar 139137 shop. So how would anybody know about your shop? In order to let everybody knowsrepparttar 139138 existence of your invisible shop, you have to tell eveybody about your shop's address.

Inrepparttar 139139 early of 1996, I have developed a homepage, which I dedicated to a kind of music I really like. The homepage is hosted on Geocities(home ofrepparttar 139140 longest URLs' homepage repository) free hosting service at that time. It is almost impossible for anybody to visit my site by accident because ofrepparttar 139141 long URL. I tried to let everybody knowrepparttar 139142 existence of my homepage, send emails, sign guestbooks, join forums, but I forgot( or I did not know that we have to submit our URL to)repparttar 139143 search engines. The homepage got very few visitors, until I gave up and just let it be. And now, for your information,repparttar 139144 homepage still exist, but I have already forgotrepparttar 139145 password. I do not know how many visitors it got per day now becauserepparttar 139146 web counter service is also missing.

However, submit your web site's URL torepparttar 139147 search engine is not enough to start getting visitor. It will take about two month for your site to be indexed inrepparttar 139148 search engine. You also need other plan or strategy to promote your web site. This article is only about getting indexed inrepparttar 139149 search engine. Here is some links to add your web site's URL torepparttar 139150 Internet search engine or public directory.

Dmoz.org, The Open Directory Project To be indexed in this directory isrepparttar 139151 priority. It isrepparttar 139152 key to be indexed and to get a high rank in other search engines. There are thousands of search engines available inrepparttar 139153 Internet today. Many of them such as Google, Altavista, Yahoo and Netscape getrepparttar 139154 listing from dmoz.org.

The Open Directory Project isrepparttar 139155 largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory ofrepparttar 139156 Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors. The Open Directory was founded inrepparttar 139157 spirit ofrepparttar 139158 Open Source movement, and isrepparttar 139159 only major directory that is 100% free. There is not, nor will there ever be, a cost to submit a site torepparttar 139160 directory, and/or to userepparttar 139161 directory's data.

Where To Look For Dirt-Cheap DVD Software. Part XIX

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