Types of computer infections

Written by Ryan Fyfe

Computer Infections can be broken up into 4 main categories which are explained in detail below:

Viruses Computer Viruses are small pieces of software that attach themselves to real programs. An example would be a virus that attaches itself onto windows explorer. Each time you runrepparttar program windows explorerrepparttar 137780 virus will also be executed and performrepparttar 137781 function that it was meant to perform. This can be several things such as damaging files on your computer, or erasing them all together. This is alsorepparttar 137782 time in whichrepparttar 137783 virus will try to spread itself onto other programs and even other computers!

Worms - A worm just like a virus is a small piece of software. However worms rather then relying on an external program to function, will run themselves over computer networks and security holes to spread. The worm will scanrepparttar 137784 network from itís host computer until it finds another computer that it can attach itself to. It will then continue this process to replicate. Because this type of infection runs by itself it can have devastating impacts. The Mydoom worm is estimated to have infected over a quarter million computers in a single day when it first launched back in March 1999.

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