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Written by Vikas Malhotra

Internal Linking – An introduction ----------------------------------

The web as they call it is a mesh of links. The wired world is now being counted for what it is. A Network. The more your pages are wired or integrated intorepparttar overall web linking architecture,repparttar 105622 better it is from search engine ranking point of view. Google specially thrives on crawling on links. Its pagerank is a measure of this.

We will, in this article, measurerepparttar 105623 importance of good internal linking architecture on googles pagerank .

When setting uprepparttar 105624 linking architecture of your site keep in mind that links are of two kinds:

-Internal links

-External links

Internal links arerepparttar 105625 constituent elements ofrepparttar 105626 way your web site is organized. They arerepparttar 105627 bridges by which one page of your site connects torepparttar 105628 other & more importantly outlines, which page of your site will connect to which other page/s.

External links onrepparttar 105629 other hand arerepparttar 105630 community tools by whichrepparttar 105631 online community votes for you by linking to you. The more popular you get is a function of more incoming links into your website. This in turn is interpreted by search engines as a measure of your online value creation.

In essence, if your pages are orphaned (no one links to them) or lying isolated within your web site thats not good news from a pagerank point of view. To enjoy a good pagerank forrepparttar 105632 pages it is imperative to have proper linking amongst various pages withinrepparttar 105633 website as well as having good quality external links coming intorepparttar 105634 page.

A factor to be cognizant of while linking is that one should focus on quality links & not always quantity. Consider that, there is a huge difference from a link, to your page from another page with a good pagerank than a page from a low pagerank

Internal Linking: A Primer --------------------------

Proper internal linking ensures thatrepparttar 105635 web pages are accessible to search engines & that they are indexed properly.(This is not to discountrepparttar 105636 navigational ease ofrepparttar 105637 end user) A good internal linking structure should be intuitive as well as functionality driven. That will benefit everyone.

Internal linking onrepparttar 105638 other level decidesrepparttar 105639 pagerank flow withinrepparttar 105640 website. The pages that are linking to that page get a pagerank benefit from that page. Then it stands to reason that ifrepparttar 105641 maximum number of pages linking are internal pages they will retainrepparttar 105642 maximum pagerank emanating from that page. This will boost their ratings as well.

Hence one rule of thumb says that have as many incoming links to your web page as possible(this will boostrepparttar 105643 PR of that page) from outside resources or may be good PR pages of your site. Try & pass onrepparttar 105644 benefit of that page torepparttar 105645 other pages of your site by proper interlinking. Inward looking as it might sound, this makes lot of good online marketing sense.

External linking ----------------

External linking onrepparttar 105646 other hand is more difficult to control & hence more valued by search engines. This is what really builds uprepparttar 105647 PR ofrepparttar 105648 webpage. Good quality (High PR) incoming links are craved byrepparttar 105649 online promotion experts all over .

Linking Attribute -----------------

It is always preferable to have a text link rather then a Graphic/Image link, because in a text link you can use Keywords asrepparttar 105650 text on which hyperlink is given(anchor text). In effect you can make your anchor tag keyword rich. Anchor tags’ text is a very important criterion in search engine ranking matrix.

Search engines look at not only how many people are linking to you, how important they themselves are but also what they are saying while linking to you. In fact search engines like google have gone a step ahead. They not only look atrepparttar 105651 anchor tag but alsorepparttar 105652 text surrounding it. Essentially they are trying to establishrepparttar 105653 relevance of that link to your pages content.

One Way Linking Campaigns II

Written by Vikas Malhotra

We have been discussing trips & tricks to generate one way incoming links into your site. To readrepparttar first part of this article read one way incoming links generation.

Then there is a way to generate links withrepparttar 105621 content that you have not as yet created. For this contactrepparttar 105622 established authorities (writers, publishers ) in your domain area & let them know that you are available as a resource for researching & writing on any topic fromrepparttar 105623 chosen domain. When they will use you they will credit you for it. Also submit your articles to them. If they ever quote you they will link to you &repparttar 105624 added advantage will be that their articles will get published in good places. Imagine an incoming link to your site from TIME or NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

What if you don’t have great content writing skills orrepparttar 105625 necessary expertise. Then dorepparttar 105626 next best thing. Ask for permission from writers to host their content on your site in exchange from link from it. So, if you are able to create a good selection of articles people will still link to you for a good compilation.

Now torepparttar 105627 next step of creating one way links:

Apart from content you can use other free available downloads from your site asrepparttar 105628 carrot for people to link to you. This free carrot can be a good software tool relating to your domain or an ebook (content again) etc. If people perceive value in what you are offering chance are they will reciprocate by linking to you. Another way to leverage this free download scheme is to get listed inrepparttar 105629 directories & portals which offer a listing of freeware onrepparttar 105630 net. Searchrepparttar 105631 SE using keyword freeware directories. Or shareware directories

You can possibly start with


or http://dmoz.org/Computers/Software/Freeware/Download_Locations/.

Or http://dmoz.org/Computers/Internet/WWW/Free_Stuff/Link_Pages/.

Or http://dmoz.org/Computers/Software/Shareware/Directories/

Surveyrepparttar 105632 products & services in your domain. Pick uprepparttar 105633 good ones & write reviews for it. Then submit those reviews torepparttar 105634 concerned site/s. More often then not they will use it while providing a link back to you forrepparttar 105635 credits.

Another way of getting some links is to hold a contest or host sweepstakes on your site. Once you have this in place get it listed withrepparttar 105636 directories which offer free contests & games listings. You can search SE for contest directories or start from here

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