Tylers Lock - Wedding venue extraordinaire reborn from the ruins of a canal pumphouse

Written by malcolm pugh

tylers lock-history reborn !!

The new site everyone is talking about, and featuringrepparttar now massive cult status Stiffsteiff Teddy Bear family, also contains details of this famous Worcestershire landmark. Nestling onrepparttar 100179 Worcester and Birmingham canal at Tardebigge, this used to berepparttar 100180 pump house forrepparttar 100181 longest flight of locks in Europe, which still exist, and still work perfectly. Until recentlyrepparttar 100182 same could not have been said aboutrepparttar 100183 Pump House, however, with sheer determination, one ofrepparttar 100184 country's leading chefs has transformed it into a Wedding /special occassion venue extraodrinaire, and inrepparttar 100185 process saved a piece of local history intact and secure. The owners would very much welcome any material whatsoever relating torepparttar 100186 Pump House and it's history, especially old photos and maps, which could be scanned and returned byrepparttar 100187 Stiffsteiff expert, or brought in person.

The Stiffsteiff bears site itsselfwill allow you to LAUGH, and have FUN, without resorting to crudity, smut, or porn. This is somewhere your kids can actually go without you wondering aboutrepparttar 100188 content, and they will learn new things

Home Of The Year

Written by David Leonhardt

We were gathered 'roundrepparttar television, where Little Lady was watching an episode of Stuart Little. The kids had entered their house for a Home Of The Year contest sponsored by some fancy magazine.

I turned to my wife with yet another one of my way-too-brilliant ideas. "Why don't we enterrepparttar 100178 Home Of The Year contest?" I asked.

My wife looked around in horror. "What? With this place?"

Little Lady, just over two years old, was looking forrepparttar 100179 green crayon. "Sure," I replied, obviously missing something. "Why not? It's a great home."

"This place is a mess," my wife said in frustration, as she started slippingrepparttar 100180 videos back into their sleeves. "What magazine would call this home ofrepparttar 100181 year? Dump Monthly? Trash Can News? Oh, I know Bad Housekeeping?"

Little Lady emptiedrepparttar 100182 crayon box onrepparttar 100183 floor. "Oh come on," I answered. "This is a wonderful home full of love and joy. See allrepparttar 100184 drawings taped torepparttar 100185 wall?"

"Inrepparttar 100186 Home Of The Year, there are no crayon drawings taped torepparttar 100187 wall," my wife explained with just a hint of patience. "There might be an original Rembrandt or Van Gogh, or perhaps an exceptional imitation. It would be placed in an elegant frame." Little Lady foundrepparttar 100188 green crayon. Now she needed a sheet of paper on which to draw.

"I don't know," I hesitated. "Rembrandt and Van Gogh don't sound very homey. I suspect you might find them inrepparttar 100189 Museum Of The Year contest."

"Just look at this dust!" my wife cried. She blew onrepparttar 100190 top ofrepparttar 100191 television set, which temporarily vanished intorepparttar 100192 haze.

Little Lady emptied her bookshelf with one fell swoop, but still could not find paper on which to draw.

"OK, so it's dusty," I admitted. "If we dusted more frequently, we would spend less time together and it would be less of a home."

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