Two secrets to getting more done in less time

Written by Angela Booth

(c) Copyright Angela Booth 2002

You're completely bogged down with work. This week you must complete three client proposals, and two of your staff are out sick. You feel you have a better chance of sprouting wings and flying than getting those proposals done. From experience, you know that each proposal will take around four hours to do. However, you just don't have those 12 hours to spare. You decide that you will have to call your clients, tell them that you're overwhelmed, and assure them that you will deliverrepparttar proposals next week.

What can you do when you've got way more work than you can get done? Whetherrepparttar 101860 reason you're overloaded is that you're a procrastinator or someone who takes on more work than she can handle, these two techniques will work for you.

Double your output and get your work done in halfrepparttar 101861 time

What if you could complete each proposal in two hours? Can't be done? What if someone were to offer you a $1,000 bonus if you completed each proposal in two hours, could you do it? What if they offered you $10,000? Without any doubt, if someone offered you $10,000 to complete those proposals, you'd do it. Our work always expands to fitrepparttar 101862 time we allot to it. You can get your work done in halfrepparttar 101863 time. The key is to have confidence in yourself. You needrepparttar 101864 initial confidence to at least try it and to believe that you can do it.

There are a couple of tricks you can use. The first trick is to focus all your energies. You do this by relaxing, yet also becoming alert atrepparttar 101865 same time. It sounds paradoxical, but it's a meditative process, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Tryrepparttar 101866 exercise below, just once, immediately before you start work on something that requires concentration. You'll be amazed at how much more work you get done. The exercise is drawn from Chi Kung, a Chinese meditative exercise form which is used in martial arts.

Readrepparttar 101867 exercise through a couple of times to get a sense of it.

The focusing exercise (two minutes)- should be done where you can see a clock, immediately before starting work on a task which requires concentration.

The first couple of times you do this exercise, you may spend halfrepparttar 101868 allotted time getting your posture right. With practise, you can get into position within a few seconds, and focus on relaxing.

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Relax your knees; don't lock them. Hold your head up, and imagine there's a string fastened torepparttar 101869 crown of your head, which is pulling your head up. You should feel slightly taller. Relax your shoulders. Keep your eyes open, but lower your gaze, so you're looking slightly downward.

Put your right hand across your navel, with your fingers spread. Your right thumb should form a straight line across your navel. Put your left hand acrossrepparttar 101870 fingers of your right hand, also with fingers spread. Relax both hands.

Relax your forehead,repparttar 101871 corners of your eyes, and your jaw.

You're now standing straight and tall, but relaxed. Put your attention in your body, directly behind your navel, and breathe in and out from there. Feel as if your abdomen is gently expanding as you breathe in, and relaxing as you exhale.

The Junk Heap That Heals

Written by Virginia Reeves

How many of you have heardrepparttar term emotional baggage? That'srepparttar 101859 negative notions and emotions we carry around with us. Some people try to justify it with statements of a dysfunctional family. Others blame poor schooling. Fate gets a bad name too. As I was going through one of my folders on self-esteem, I rediscovered an article published by Sunshine Magazine in September 1990. If I like an article, it gets clipped or copied and I actually have a good filing system for all sorts of topics. I've had a couple of issues in my life recently that I need to dump so this article caught my attention. The old saying of teaching what you most need to know is so true. Perhaps it will help you or someone you know. It was taken fromrepparttar 101860 Kleinknecht Gems of Thought Encyclopedia.

"Good, like truth, isrepparttar 101861 same yesterday, today, and forever.

In addition to doing a good deed, junk something every day. Junk your fears, junk your worries, junk your anxieties, junk your little jealousies, envies and hatred. Whatever interferes with your getting up and getting on inrepparttar 101862 world - junk it!

Every night before you go to sleep, put uponrepparttar 101863 junk heap all your disappointments, all your grudges, your revengeful feelings, your malice. Junk everything that is hindering you from becoming a big, strong, vibrant character.

The trouble with most of us is that we have no junk heap of this sort. We pull all our mental enemies, all our handicaps, our discouragements, our losses, our troubles and worries and trials along with us every day. That consumes more than 50 percent of our vitality and energy, so that we have onlyrepparttar 101864 smaller amount left forrepparttar 101865 great task of making our lives a success."



The second item I'm sharing are excerpts from an article written by Michael Angier who publishes The Success Digest e-zine and hostsrepparttar 101866 site named This material was inrepparttar 101867 August 7th, 2000 issue.

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