Two and Two Make Five

Written by Pamela Heywood

This is not bad a lesson in maths, this is about getting more profit from your business through co-operation and teamwork. Do this successfully and you'll create something whererepparttar value ofrepparttar 101963 whole is greater thanrepparttar 101964 sum ofrepparttar 101965 parts. It's a true story that will show you exactly how to make two and two add up to five, or more.

At around 7 p.m. on May 3, 2001, I was taking my dog, Holly, she's part Rottweiller, part dog (sorry, I mean Shepherd), for her evening constitutional alongrepparttar 101966 local lane.

We were almost home, not 50 yards fromrepparttar 101967 bridge atrepparttar 101968 end of my driveway, when we heard a squeak coming fromrepparttar 101969 undergrowth. It's not unusual forrepparttar 101970 lizards to squeak. Sometimes, when I whistlerepparttar 101971 cats,repparttar 101972 lizards answer me back. The first time, I nearly jumped out of my skin!

"Who's there?"

The squeak resounded again. This time, however, both dog and I cocked an ear each and glanced at each other askance. Now, I have no idea what she was thinking, but I suspect, muchrepparttar 101973 same as me as she dragged me off inrepparttar 101974 direction ofrepparttar 101975 sound. "That ain't no lizard!"

Down ditch and up bank, we caught our first glimpse ofrepparttar 101976 owner ofrepparttar 101977 voice. A contender forrepparttar 101978 title of World's Smallest Kitten and, we were just in time to see it scurry back up to huddle with two better qualified entrants.

All alone, middle of nowhere. Oh bother! Now what do we do?

Well, to cut a long story short, I decided they were far too young to be out on their own and went and collected them. I took a cardboard box and if it had been only a shoe box, so small they were, I could have lost all three of them in it.

Broughtrepparttar 101979 box home and, looking atrepparttar 101980 comparative sizes of half ounce furballs to 55 lb. muscle-bound mutt, decidedrepparttar 101981 box should go up onrepparttar 101982 table, out of reach.

Wrong answer!

Holly pacedrepparttar 101983 floor ofrepparttar 101984 hallway, back and forth byrepparttar 101985 side ofrepparttar 101986 table like an expectant father waiting for news ofrepparttar 101987 birth. And she howled and she whined and she cried.

(Maybe because there were no cigars inrepparttar 101988 house?)

When I could stand no more, I gotrepparttar 101989 box down, crouching close to see what she would do. Now, bear in mind that one of these little things had already tried to biterepparttar 101990 end off my finger - it was a nasty nip for one that size. And they came fitted with sharp grappling irons on each tiny hoof.

I thought Holly was pretty brave to shove her snout straight down intorepparttar 101991 box, let alone pick up our noisy friend, ever so gently, place him onrepparttar 101992 floor, roll him on his back and then started to lick his now not-so-private parts with a tongue that could bath an entire kitten in one swipe!

Small Steps And Golden Stones

Written by Peter Murphy

It was a long walk but someone had to do it. And today it was up to Tori to carryrepparttar water fromrepparttar 101962 river, throughrepparttar 101963 fields and acrossrepparttar 101964 valley, back torepparttar 101965 camp.

He set out early before sunrise so that he could do his work beforerepparttar 101966 heat ofrepparttar 101967 day became too much. Very soon he was standing byrepparttar 101968 side ofrepparttar 101969 river. He knelt down and cuppedrepparttar 101970 flowing water into his hands.

It felt great. So refreshing, cool and alive as it flowed through his outstretched hands. He drank some ofrepparttar 101971 revitalizing waters before fillingrepparttar 101972 two large urns with this clear, fresh water.

Holding one urn to his chest with each hand, Tori startedrepparttar 101973 long walk back torepparttar 101974 distant camp. Even thoughrepparttar 101975 sun was now rising he could still not even make outrepparttar 101976 outline ofrepparttar 101977 tents. They were there somewhere onrepparttar 101978 other side of these fields, and acrossrepparttar 101979 wooded valley.

He walked on, taking care to stay clear ofrepparttar 101980 high grass that tried to brush against him as he made his way alongrepparttar 101981 path throughrepparttar 101982 field. He also took care to keep his balance as he walked alongrepparttar 101983 dirt track otherwise he would spill water all along his route.

Tori walked quickly and before long, even before he noticed, he was onrepparttar 101984 outskirts ofrepparttar 101985 camp. The sun was a golden orange as he stopped to rest. He putrepparttar 101986 urns down onrepparttar 101987 ground and at that moment Kuma,repparttar 101988 old wiseman ofrepparttar 101989 village, walked out to greet him.

Kuma had a smile on his old face as he looked down atrepparttar 101990 dew drenched trousers worn by Tori. He giggled as he waved his walking stick inrepparttar 101991 air and explained torepparttar 101992 confused Tori why he was laughing so hard.

Here is what he said: **When you focus on what you want to avoid those little monsters grow even bigger, and faster than you expect. Instead put your attention only on what you want and where you want to go.

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