Two Major Training Mistakes You Must Dump Immediately!

Written by Trent Brook

The number of myths about natural bodybuilding are too numerous to mention. For every guy who knowsrepparttar principles of effective bodybuilding, there are countless others who don’t. Those lackingrepparttar 144053 knowledge to train properly will argue until their strides split open or until Frankie No-Gains asks them for a spot. I don’t argue anymore. I just figure they can either take it, or leave it.

Bodybuilding is not complicated. It’s simpler than your brother’s, cousin’s third husband. Plus, it allows you to completely transform yourself from a proverbial “weakling,” into a “muscle monster.” That’s if you so choose. In short, it rocks. Narrow-minded sceptics who argue otherwise, are just too damn lazy to try it themselves.

The majority of “skinny guys” you will ever meet can quickly supply an elaborate list of exercises with incredible performance detail. However,repparttar 144054 same losers can’t seem to identifyrepparttar 144055 most effective ones. Failing to understandingrepparttar 144056 “fundamental” science of muscle growth, is truly criminal. But to be fair, just this once, most beginners will always experience some form of ignorance, at least initially. However, by learning what you have here, you are already ahead of ninety-nine percent of everyone you will ever meet.

Although some training methods produce reasonable results, it doesn’t mean that you should be using them. Training with this routine will achieve far better muscle gains in much less time. This routine consists of onlyrepparttar 144057 most effective exercises available. Always strive forrepparttar 144058 greatest return on time and energy invested. Anything less is unnecessary, pointless, and not worth your time. Got it.

I don’t need to disprove alternate methods of training. Boring you withrepparttar 144059 evidence that supportsrepparttar 144060 methods advised in this routine is just sucking wind. Addressing two ofrepparttar 144061 more dangerous myths, however, is a valuable warning. Stay focused, stay alert. You need to hear this.

The strategy of “intuitive” or “instinctive” training is a myth in its finest form. This theory promotesrepparttar 144062 utilization of personal intuition and instincts to guide your training program. Supporters of this method claim, that eventually, you will develop a “feel” for a suitable training program which includes a selection ofrepparttar 144063 most suitable exercises.

This strategy is a farce. If achieving optimum muscle gains from your training is your goal, working in direct opposition to your instincts is critical. Following your instincts exclusively, will results in next no gains at all. Remember, you gotta be smarter than that.

During any given workout you will need to overcome your persuasive, primitive instincts. You need to approach muscle growth in a more scientific manner. The satisfaction, not to mentionrepparttar 144064 muscle growth, you will gain from proper training is truly incredible. Turning your goal of bigger stronger muscles into a reality isrepparttar 144065 aim here. In this equation, instinct factors nowhere.

How To Avoid Injury From Poor Exercise Performance!

Written by Trent Brook

Another key secret is your exercise form. Perfect form is critical when performing any specific exercise in your own routine. Look at it this way. The amount of energy you expend will berepparttar same, regardless of your “style” of performance. However, your muscle gains will be greatly reduced. Performing a series of exercises in poor form produces dismal muscle gains.

Let’s look at an example. Performing bench presses with 200 pounds of weight for ten repetitions requires exactlyrepparttar 144052 same amount of work, regardless of how you performrepparttar 144053 movement. If you cheat by using momentum to completerepparttar 144054 repetitions however, only a very small number of muscle fibers will have been stimulated. The same amount of energy and time was used, butrepparttar 144055 muscles being worked were not fully involved. The only thing you have dramatically increased with this technique, isrepparttar 144056 chance of injury.

I’m not implying that such “cheat” methods should never be used. They can be used atrepparttar 144057 end of a given set of repetitions, if they can be done safely. In short, all repetition should be performed in perfect form, until which point it becomes impossible to perform any more withoutrepparttar 144058 slight use of momentum. At this point inrepparttar 144059 set, only enough momentum to complete an additional one to two repetitions should be used. And only if it can be done so safely.

Inrepparttar 144060 case ofrepparttar 144061 bench press above, a weight should be selected that allows you to perform up to eight repetitions in perfect form, without momentum or cheating. After performingrepparttar 144062 first eight, attempt two additional repetitions using just enough momentum to complete each one. In other words, don’t stoprepparttar 144063 exercise just because a slight level of cheating becomes necessary. Always strive to perform two additional repetitions, using a little momentum and allrepparttar 144064 effort that can be mustered, but only if it is safe to do so.

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