Two Leadership Traps: How To Avoid Them. How To Get Out Of them (Part 1)

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: Most people fail in their careers because of leadership deficiencies. A key reason for their failure is they continually and unknowingly keep falling into two leadership traps. The author describesrepparttar 142539 traps and how to get out of them.

Two Leadership Traps: How To Avoid Them. How To Get Out Of them (Part 1) by Brent Filson

You've heard ofrepparttar 142540 Peter Principle: "People are promoted to their level of ultimate incompetence". But whatrepparttar 142541 Peter Principle doesn't tell you isrepparttar 142542 nature ofrepparttar 142543 incompetence. Forrepparttar 142544 most part, it's leadership incompetence.

A human resources director told me, "Brent, we hire people for their skills and knowledge, but we fire them or fail to promote them or promote them for their leadership abilities -- or lack thereof."

In other words, throughout their careers, people are promoted to take charge of bigger and bigger groups -- until they take over a group that's too big for their leadership abilities.

One main reason they come up short in abilities is they are constantly and unconsciously falling into two leadership traps.

I'll describerepparttar 142545 traps, how to get out of them, and how not to get into them inrepparttar 142546 first place.

The traps can be particularly deadly because they are in many cases self-set -- and even self-triggered. What's worse:repparttar 142547 vast majority of leaders who get into them don't have a clue they're caught. It's one thing to be in a trap and know you're in it: You try to get out. But it's a problem of another magnitude to be in a trap and not know you're in it. In that case, you'll stay there.

THE FIRST TRAP: "I need ..."

A marketing leader in a major global company was stumbling. His team was failing to achieverepparttar 142548 targeted results. He told me, "The good news is they do what I tell them. The bad news is they do what I tell them -- ONLY what I tell them. Other than firingrepparttar 142549 worst ofrepparttar 142550 bunch or transferring others out ofrepparttar 142551 team, I can't figure out what to do. And if I don't do it soon, I'll berepparttar 142552 one fired or transferred!"

Interior Design For Bargain Hunters

Written by Rosemary Leake

Interior design for bargain hunters isrepparttar new fashionable item inrepparttar 142335 arena of interior design. Everyone is interested these days in making their money stretch as far as it possibly can. There are many, many possible ways to achieve this. The most important determining factor in your success isrepparttar 142336 amount of patience and time you are willing to invest in order to find and purchase true items of value and not frivolous purchases which are of significantly less value that you will regret later.

The places you will find most traditional bargain hunters looking for pieces related to interior design are places such as second hand furniture stores, seconds depots, and discount stores. If you shop around in these stores, you are likely to run across great purchases for interior design for bargain hunters. These purchases might include items such as furniture, linens, accessories, andrepparttar 142337 like. You can even occasionally find bargains on household electronics such as wide screen televisions and stereo systems. Be sure when buying items such as these that they are in useable condition andrepparttar 142338 fact that they are broken is notrepparttar 142339 reason they are for sale so cheap.

Another potential place to purchase items for interior design for bargain hunters would be homemade sales such as yard sales, flea markets, auctions, and estate sales. These places are no longer areas where you will findrepparttar 142340 occasional bargain hunter and enormous amounts of obsolete, valuable items that no one will find but you. Rather, these places have been commercialized as being places to find great deals and evenrepparttar 142341 most common shopper has his or her eyes open for that ‘dream’ deal. This being said, these places are still great resources forrepparttar 142342 bargain hunter who is looking to buy well-conditioned, useable items for a better cost then one would find in a department store.

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