Two-Tier Affiliate programs are best

Written by John Lynch

‘Two-Tier Affiliate programs are best’

When you join an affiliate program or start an affiliate program of your own, you have to decide whether it will be a single tier or two-tier program.

With a single tier program you earn a commission on any sales you make and that is it. If you are running your own affiliate program, you pay your affiliates a commission for any sales they refer and that is all.

However, with a two-tier program, affiliates are allowed to recruit sub-affiliates and are paid a small percentage ofrepparttar sales these sub-affiliates generate. For example,repparttar 102572 affiliates may earn a 30% commission for selling product X himself; and when one ofrepparttar 102573 sub-affiliates makes a sale,repparttar 102574 affiliate may get a 10% commission as well.

This is very profitable forrepparttar 102575 affiliate as he can recruit an army of sub-affiliates, all earning commissions for him without any effort on his part except forrepparttar 102576 initial recruiting process.

If you are starting an affiliate program of your own should it be two-tier or single tier? Some might shy away fromrepparttar 102577 seeming expense of a two-tier program. But is it really that expensive? Many affiliate program managers makerepparttar 102578 wrong decision on this.

Let’s look at an example. You have an affiliate program up and running and an average affiliate joins your program. Mr.Average has a web site that receives average traffic. He also has an ezine with thousands of subscribers published monthly. Mr. Average posts your affiliate links to his web site and promotes your product to his ezine list.

Initially, he generates good sales. However,a point comes when he saturates his market with your product and his sales begin to drop. He begins to lose interest in your program and your sales remain small.

Make sure Affiliate Programs Credit you for every Sale

Written by John Lynch

Make Sure Affiliate Programs credit you for every Sale’

When joining an affiliate program there are many decisions you have to make. Unfortunately, few people query what kind of tracking softwarerepparttar program uses. To overlook this can prove costly, and means you may never be credited with 5% - 10% of your affiliate sales.

A good affiliate program will use quality affiliate tracking software that is reliable and tracks all of your sales.You must make sure that they not only track online sales, but also sales by mail order. Many companies phone, fax and only track online, and this means you will lose between 5% - 10% of your sales.

Also, make sure thatrepparttar 102571 affiliate program uses ‘cookie tracking’ software to ensure that you will be credited for sales from people who don’t buyrepparttar 102572 first time they visit your website, but come back and buy at a later date.

For those of you who don’t know what a ‘cookie’ is. A cookie is a small piece of information that a web site puts on your hard drive so that it will remember you when you return later. This is how cookies can be used to track visitors to a web site. In this wayrepparttar 102573 affiliate program will be able to track allrepparttar 102574 sales from your site,even thoughrepparttar 102575 visitor did not buy onrepparttar 102576 first visit torepparttar 102577 web site.

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