Turquoise is December's Birthstone

Written by Sam Serio

If you're still young enough to remember your birthday, you probably also rememberrepparttar special birthstone assigned to it. But at your age, we bet you don't really knowrepparttar 147909 SIGNIFICANCE of your birthstone and what powerrepparttar 147910 ancients felt would be bestowed about you by wearing it. December Birthstone: Turquoise Birthstone Properties: Alternative Birthstone: Lapis Lazuli Turquoise isrepparttar 147911 birthstone for December andrepparttar 147912 traditional gift to commemoraterepparttar 147913 5th and 11th years of marriage. It's color is, of course, is referred to as turquoise, butrepparttar 147914 hue can range widely fromrepparttar 147915 familiar green-blue to a light sky-blue. It is generally accepted that turquoise gets its name from "pierre turquoise" a French phrase meaning "Turkish stone." Others believe thatrepparttar 147916 name comes fromrepparttar 147917 Persian word "fiouze," meaningrepparttar 147918 color turquoise. Ancient and yet always atrepparttar 147919 height of current fashion, turquoise was mined by early Egyptians as early as 6000 BC. Many people are surprised to learn thatrepparttar 147920 finest turquoise comes from Iran, notrepparttar 147921 American Southwest. However beautiful specimens are also found in Arizona and New Mexico inrepparttar 147922 United States, as well as in Australia, Afghanistan and other localities inrepparttar 147923 Middle East. Sacred Stone For thousands of years, turquoise has been appreciated as a holy stone, talisman, and a good-luck-charm. The excavation of Egyptian tombs from approximately 3,000 B.C. holdsrepparttar 147924 oldest living proof of man's interest in turquoise, whererepparttar 147925 gemstone was found decorating artifacts that were buried withrepparttar 147926 dead. Whenrepparttar 147927 tomb of Queen Zer was unearthed in 1900, a turquoise and gold bracelet was found on her wrist, one ofrepparttar 147928 oldest pieces of jewelry ever discovered!

The Truth About Gold Jewelry

Written by Sam Serio

Without a doubt, Gold is one ofrepparttar worldís most precious metals. It is also a certainty that gold enjoys an unsurpassed popularity as a medium for jewelry expression. Both jewelry artisans and consumers alike are "in love" with gold. There seems to be no end torepparttar 147908 range of colors, finishes and styles available and gold remains a perennial favorite setting for gemstones. Gold can last forever, will not corrode or rust and can be found anywhere. Gold exists in plants, rivers, oceans, mountains, itís nearly everywhere but it is extremely difficult and costly to extract this amazing metal. Did you know that a single ounce of gold can be pulled into a thin wire that stretches nearly five miles long? An artisans hammer can work that same ounce into a very thin sheet that can cover a 10ft x 10ft(100sq. ft.) area. Also, it takes nearly 3 tons of gold or to extract a single ounce of pure gold. Well if you didnít now you know! Gold Basics The word Gold, used by itself, means all gold or 24 karat (24K) gold. Because 24K gold is soft, itís usually mixed with other metals to increase its hardness and durability. If a piece of jewelry is not 24 karat gold,repparttar 147909 karat quality should accompany any claim thatrepparttar 147910 item is gold. The karat quality marking tells you what proportion of gold is mixed withrepparttar 147911 other metals. Fourteen karat (14K) jewelry contains 14 parts of gold, mixed in throughout with 10 parts of base metal. The higherrepparttar 147912 karat rating,repparttar 147913 higherrepparttar 147914 proportion of gold inrepparttar 147915 piece of jewelry. Most jewelry is marked with its karat quality, although marking is not required by law. Nearrepparttar 147916 karat quality mark, you should seerepparttar 147917 name ofrepparttar 147918 U.S. registered trademark ofrepparttar 147919 company that will stand behindrepparttar 147920 mark. The trademark may be inrepparttar 147921 form of a name, symbol or initials. If you donít see a trademark accompanying a quality mark on a piece of jewelry, look for another piece.

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