Turning Problems Into Possibilities

Written by Alan Tutt

Turning Problems Into Possibilities by Alan Tutt http://www.KeysToPower.com

Many times, a problem is an indication that there is something we must learn. Other times, a problem is simply an outworking of a previous use of Power that was directed through a negative channel. Inrepparttar Keys To Power, there are a couple of things we can do depending on which situation we are faced with.

Most of us are content to keep thingsrepparttar 122191 way they are until there is a problem. This is fine, and there is no reason to change this (unless it becomes a problem, that is). When we are faced with a problem, one ofrepparttar 122192 things we must consider is whetherrepparttar 122193 problem isrepparttar 122194 result ofrepparttar 122195 way we've been doing things. If it isrepparttar 122196 result of our pattern of action or inaction, then we must change our patterns if we wish to avoid havingrepparttar 122197 same problem inrepparttar 122198 future. Ifrepparttar 122199 problem is not a direct result of what we've been doing (or not doing), then all we have to do is deal withrepparttar 122200 issue at hand and be done with it. This is how most of us are used to dealing with problems.

Inrepparttar 122201 Keys To Power system, we recognize that everything that we experience is a direct result of our pattern of action or inaction. There is absolutely nothing that we can say was purely chance orrepparttar 122202 fault of someone other than ourselves. Yes, we are directly responsible if there is an earthquake that destroys our house, and we are also responsible forrepparttar 122203 idiot onrepparttar 122204 road that cuts us off and causes us to run offrepparttar 122205 road.

While this may seem harsh and unforgiving at first, it becomes extremely liberating once you learn aboutrepparttar 122206 Power that you control and direct. If you are alive, thenrepparttar 122207 Universal Power of Life flows through you. This Power picks uprepparttar 122208 essence of your thoughts and feelings and proceeds out into your world to create experiences based on those thoughts and feelings. And once you learn to control your thoughts and feelings, you are able to control what that Power creates in your world.

Let me describe how problems get created. Something happens that you are not happy with. Let's say that your boss promotes someone else into a position that you wanted. Most people will react to this with a feeling of frustration, and some thoughts will be entertained that suggests that other people get things we ourselves should be getting. Even though this is a reaction to something that has already happened,repparttar 122209 thoughts and feelings still direct Power to create future events. Power picks uprepparttar 122210 feeling of frustration andrepparttar 122211 thoughts of unfairness and goes out intorepparttar 122212 world to create an experience.

The amount of Power working to create this experience will depend on how strongrepparttar 122213 thoughts and feelings were that were entertained, and how long they were focused upon. If there was not much energy put into them, then there will be very little Power to create a similar experience. If these things were dwelt upon for days and weeks with a severe intensity, then there will be a huge amount of Power looking to create a catastrophy. (Don't imagine this too vividly. You don't want to create this for yourself.) With only a little Power directed towards frustration, only little experiences will reflect this feeling. With a great deal of Power directed towards unfairness, a person could end up being sued in court with false evidence!

But here'srepparttar 122214 reason that this relationship is not as clear as it should be: every day you focus on so many different things, some good and others not so good. Power is directed in many different directions to create a wide variety of experiences. And in turn, this wide variety of experiences will incite an equally wide variety of thoughts and feelings, which in turn direct Power to create an equally wide variety of experiences. A complete circle of cause and effect. Imagine what life would be like if you only thought and felt positive things! Power would only create good things for you, which will incite only positive thoughts and feelings, which will only create good things, and on and on along positive channels.

Ideal Relationships Gained With The Keys To Power

Written by Alan Tutt

Ideal Relationships Gained With The Keys To Power by Alan Tutt http://www.KeysToPower.com

Are you happy in your relationships? Doesrepparttar partner that you have now fulfill all your desires? Are there things about your partner that you would like to change? For most people, there are at least a half-dozen things they would like to change aboutrepparttar 122190 partner that they are in a relationship with. Many others are living without a relationship and would like to create one. If you fall into either of these categories, then I have a solution for you. Whatever it is that you want out of a relationship,repparttar 122191 Keys To Power can give yourepparttar 122192 Keys to creatingrepparttar 122193 ideal relationship. In this article, I will describe howrepparttar 122194 Keys To Power system can be applied to this goal.

If you are at all familiar withrepparttar 122195 Keys To Power system, then you will know that we always start out withrepparttar 122196 basics that should be obvious to everyone, yet are missed by most. We will follow that same pattern here as well. Before you can get everything you ever wanted out of a relationship, you first have to understandrepparttar 122197 psychological dynamics that exists within any healthy relationship.

The first dynamic that must be understood is that no-one wants to be in a relationship that isn't any fun, or isn't exciting in some way. What this means to you is that if you want to get more out of a relationship, you must be active in creating fun and excitement. Does your life consist of going to work, going home, going shopping and back home again? Do you sit at home watching TV every evening, rarely going out and doing things just forrepparttar 122198 fun of it? If so, this will repel anyone you may want to have a relationship with.

Another dynamic that works every time is this: If you want people to be interested in you, be interested in them first. Dale Carnegie writes about this in his timeless classic "How To Win Friends and Influence People". If you haven't read that book, do it soon. It may sound like a lot of work, or even sucking up, but it works. Any time you show genuine interest in what another person is interested in, they look upon you with greater interest.

Here's something else to think about: Everyone wants acceptance and approval. These are more things written about by Dale Carnegie. Let's say that there is someone in particular that you have your eye on. Ask that person questions (not intrusive questions, but friendly questions) aboutrepparttar 122199 things they do. Ask about how they got started with their hobby. Ask what they like about this or that. Ask questions that direct them to think about pleasant things. As they start feeling warm and fuzzy, you can mention something about yourself that relates to what you've been talking about. The feelings will become associated with you in their mind.

One more basic dynamic to think about. Everyone like people who are confident in themselves. You have to present yourself as if there is nothing that can upset you or take you by surprise. This is one ofrepparttar 122200 key principles used byrepparttar 122201 famous pick-up artists, as well asrepparttar 122202 others I've mentioned. If you have trouble feeling confident in yourself, then there are a few things you can do to improve your self-confidence.

Improving your self-confidence is most effective when you work on developing a usable skill. In my personal case, I had trouble with self-confidence until I learnedrepparttar 122203 skill of photography. When I learned how to make good portraits that people liked and wanted to buy, then my confidence went up considerably! My confidence transferred torepparttar 122204 area of relationships when I learned and practicedrepparttar 122205 principles that I am giving you now.

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