Turning Demographics Into Gold

Written by Joanne Fritz

Do you know who buys, or is likely to buy, your products, services, or information?

If not, you should be looking for demographic information that will help you make good marketing decisions.

You do not have to be a research guru in order to use demographic information. Just look forrepparttar results of studies other people have done and then apply them to your business.

For example, my audience isrepparttar 133608 mature market...people over 50. There is a lot of data on this group and more studies are being done daily. Some data I found indicated that older people are avid readers. They really like newspapers and magazines. If I was trying to find clients for estate planning services, I would know that I should advertise through newspapers and magazines, rather than spend money on television.

Since my business is internet-based, this information about reading tells me that I should provide a content- rich web site for my older customers, and that mailing a printed newsletter could be another way to develop my customer relationships.

How do you find demographic data? First, find out who might be keeping tabs on your audience. I know, for instance, that AARP surveys people over 50 constantly. AARP makes that information available on its website. I also know that Forrester Research (http://www.forrester.com) does studies on older people, along with many other groups. Yankelovich Partners (http://www.yankelovich.com/) has been a leader in market research on older consumers; and Age Wave (http://www.agewave.com/) collects tons of stats on this market for its website.

Although AARP data is free, research firms sell their information...often at prices thatrepparttar 133609 small business or entrepreneur cannot afford. But, by reading their news releases andrepparttar 133610 snippets of data they make available torepparttar 133611 general public, you can glean quite a bit. To find firms that do research on your demographic, check out MarketResearch.com (http://www.marketresearch.com/).

7 Free Statistics Trackers for Your Website

Written by Michael Low

As some of you probably now know, WebTrends Live at http://www.webtrendslive.com no longer offerrepparttar free Personal Edition of their statistics tracker.

Affected are hundreds of thousands of websites that still userepparttar 133607 free WebTrends Live Personal Edition to keep track of their site statistics such asrepparttar 133608 number of daily visits and pageviews.

Many webmasters are probably oblivious of this change and still displayrepparttar 133609 WebTrends Live code on their site. Some are left clueless as to which other free statistics trackers offer comparable tracking that WebTrends Live Personal Edition once provided.

The email notice from WebTrends Live stated that past statistics had been deleted and are no longer available. Members who wish to continue using WebTrends Live need to upgrade torepparttar 133610 eBusiness Edition that cost $35 monthly.

For most small webmasters,repparttar 133611 idea of paying $35 a month for a site statistics tracker is exorbitant, especially when they are faced with their monthly hosting bill already.

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