Turn your website into a workhorse

Written by Kathy Burns

Putting up a website is an every day occurrence for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately there are some common mistakes made on many websites that can detract fromrepparttar products and services offered, and often times cause a loss of income without your even knowing it.

Here are some hard and fast rules for maximizingrepparttar 134756 responsiveness of your website:

1. Makerepparttar 134757 most of your entry page. Be surerepparttar 134758 first page on your site provides a compelling reason forrepparttar 134759 visitor to explore further. If your main page is cluttered with links, banners and ads, it may be too confusing for a visitor to figure out why they should stay. Conversely, ifrepparttar 134760 main page doesn’t provide much inrepparttar 134761 way of benefits or interest, there is also no reason for your visitor to delve further intorepparttar 134762 site. So keep it simple but not bare and be sure it is easy to understand and navigate.

2. Check your text mechanics. This should go without saying, however you should double and even triple checkrepparttar 134763 spelling, grammar and coherency of your pages. Evenrepparttar 134764 most professional looking pages will loose visitors and sales if there is bad grammar or spelling mistakes everywhere they turn.

3. Give them some meat. Be sure to provide useful content on your site that is related torepparttar 134765 products and services you offer. Try to teach your visitors something. Create informational articles, whitepapers, FAQs or news items that are related to what your visitor wants. When you teach a prospect something, you gain respect, trust and credibility. These are key components in gaining a paying customer!

4. Stay Focused This should also go without saying, however there are many sites out there that try to be a “catch all” for their visitors. With this strategy they are hoping that providing many different links, banners and miscellaneous information will help them to increase their chances of making some kind of sale. All this does however is confuserepparttar 134766 visitor - especially if they found your site by typing in a specific keyword into a search engine.

Instead, strategically focus your content, links and advertisements on related products and services. Providing continuity in this manner will help to draw visitors further into your site, and provide you with many more opportunities to “sell” them.

5. Use internal promotions. If you must have banner and button advertisements on your site, then make sure to advertise yourself as well as others! Having some advertisements that lead offsite is fine if you make money from them and if it is enough income to justify bothrepparttar 134767 loss of space andrepparttar 134768 loss of your hard earned visitor. Otherwise, userepparttar 134769 ad space to strategically draw visitors to additional pages of your website, make purchases on your site, or sign up for your mailing list. 6. Usability Consistency Userepparttar 134770 same design, layout, menu system, colors and effects throughout your website. If a visitor sees one page withrepparttar 134771 navigation system atrepparttar 134772 top, andrepparttar 134773 next page with navigation atrepparttar 134774 bottom, they will become confused and frustrated - thus not bothering to stick around no matter how badly they wanted your information, services or products.


Written by Laraine Anne Barker

Part 6: Feedback.

You DO want people to tell you they like something?

1. Make it easy for visitors to tell you how much they enjoyed a particular item on your site by putting an email link on every page. Not everyone wants to sign a guest book, and if visitors have to go back torepparttar home page to find your email address they might forget what they wanted to say byrepparttar 134755 time they've found it!

2. Forrepparttar 134756 same reason, a link to your guest book (if you have one) should appear on every page.

Part 7: META Tags, so people can find you on their favourite search engine

This is a somewhat "hit and miss" area of writing web pages, because search engines all seem to work differently. The

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