Turn Your Old Articles Into Profitable E-mail Courses

Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ

If you've written numerous articles, you can use them to further promote yourself and your business, e-zine or web site.

You can re-use your old articles by transforming them into another form of promotional tool.

And one way to re-use them is by turning them into e-mail courses. By doing so, you'll be able to offer a new product that will help you establish your credibility as a business owner, e-zine publisher or web site owner.

Even though you'll make use of old articles, you won't be offering a re-hash.

Why? Because once you transform your old articles and gather them together to form an e-mail course, you add a more focused learning dimension to them. For this, you're able to create a new and effective marketing tool.

So how do you do it? In a nutshell:

1. Gather all your articles and find a common theme among them. If you've written a number of articles aimed for beginning online business owners, these articles can make up one e-mail course. Your e-mail course can be a short one (2-4 articles) or a long one (5 or more).

2. When you've identified a common theme, arrange your articles in a way that provides some sort of logic or flow to them.

3. Assign one article as one e-mail module or follow up. If you're using 4 articles, your e-mail course would consist of 4 modules or follow ups.

4. Take a good look at each article. Does it look like you can weaverepparttar activities within 'lessons' or will it require you to separaterepparttar 125147 'lessons' fromrepparttar 125148 'assignments' -- information first (your re-written article) and then hands-on activities or tests after?

Secrets to Using Popup Pages

Written by David McKenzie

Many affiliates run their own newsletters, often producing them either once a week, or once or twice a month. Byrepparttar way if you donít already run a newsletter, you should! Their constant struggle is to increase subscriber numbers. I know, because this is my constant struggle. You probably already are very familiar with Popup Pages. But for those who arenít, they are separate pages that popup usually when you either enter a site or exit a site. I have been reluctant to use popups inrepparttar 125146 past for fear ofrepparttar 125147 backlash that might eventuate. I know many people hate them. In fact some people hate them so much they have installed software on their computer to prevent popups popping up! So I struggled on, gaining many new subscribers each month and building my ezine. But it just didnít seem that I was gaining as many subscribers as I should have. I had read how some people really lived for popups. They stated they increased their subscriber numbers and / or sales dramatically. Anyway, a few months ago I thought ďOh heck, Iíll give these popups a shot.Ē Wow!! Is a complete understatement of my reaction to their

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