Turn Your Auto-Responder Into An Auto-Moneymaker!

Written by Grady Smith

Itís true! Most people wonít buy from yourepparttar first time they see your offer.

In fact, a large majority wonít purchaserepparttar 127382 second time either. Thatís why you need to put your wonderful offer in front of them with hard-hitting messages that present different benefits and closerepparttar 127383 sale.

Buy you might know this already. Therefore,repparttar 127384 real question is how many automatic messages should you have?

The magic number seems to be seven. And hereís how to make everyone of your responses sell hard!


Youíre offer isnít going to get read unless you present them with an offer that builds curiosity or makes a strong promise inrepparttar 127385 subject.

Throwrepparttar 127386 word FREE in your message. Or just design a little teaser sorepparttar 127387 reader can resist openingrepparttar 127388 message and finding out what you mean.

Another technique that works in getting your messages opened is to present a series of 7 tricks or secrets that come every few days. In order forrepparttar 127389 recipient to learn everything fromrepparttar 127390 series theyíll have to open each e-mail. And BINGO, you have them primed and ready for your sales pitch.


While your first benefit may not convince them to buy, your second or third might berepparttar 127391 one to really excite them. Look at your product or service from different angles. Then in each message attack and detail one specific benefit.

Three Ways To Close A Sale

Written by Kevin Nunley

One ofrepparttar hardest parts of selling anything is closingrepparttar 127381 sale. You know when you're having a problem with closing. You spend lots of time with customers, but don't get many sales.

Here are three simple ways to closerepparttar 127382 sale:

1. Show you really empathize withrepparttar 127383 customer. If they hurt, you feel their pain. If they want, you understand their desire with all your being.

2. Ask questions. Ask questions. And ask MORE questions. You leadrepparttar 127384 direction ofrepparttar 127385 conversation. If you getrepparttar 127386 right answers, you getrepparttar 127387 sale.

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