Turn Those Emotions Into Success

Written by Laura Hickey http://www.laurahickey.com

In life there's bound to always be someone who wants to bring you down. Heck, maybe at times you've wanted to bring someone down as well. But let's put a new light on this. You may have co-workers, friends even relatives whether they are fully, only half or marriage related that try to take you down. Do they spend time trying to put you down by spreading rumors, talking behind your back and BSing things? Instead of focusing and living their own life, they are getting wrapped up in yours. Don't you feel special that they waste their time on you? Or do you not see it that way? Perhaps emotions take over torepparttar point that you wanna smash that person into millions of pieces? We've all been there, some more than once but by taking your emotions, you can turn it into success.

Now I'm not saying go screw over someone that forrepparttar 139351 most part has been there for you and then made a few mistakes. They are decent people, but forrepparttar 139352 ones that aren't, don't waste your time going after them.

3 Simple Strategies to boost Your Self Worth

Written by Olakunbi Korostensky

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We all go through various stages of challenges in our lives which at times can threaten to erode our sense of self-worth. Here is what you can do.

1. Let go of your self-doubts by not ignoring them. Self doubts such as “I am not sure I can make this work” or “am I good enough?” can overpower you if you give in to them.

Know what your self doubts are. Dorepparttar best you can to accept them without identifying yourself with their charged feelings. For these feelings are really not you. When you feel comfortable enough withrepparttar 139319 feelings, release them. Let them go by repeating to yourself: "I can let go of these doubts, because they are not serving me”.

2. Raise your inner vibration by reminding yourself of your unique greatness. Most of us have made a habit of focusing our attention on our self doubts, that we end up losing sight of our greatness.

Remind yourself often about how far you have come in your life. Think of all you have achieved up to now. Maybe you have helped other people better themselves. You may have made some exceptional discoveries which have enrichedrepparttar 139320 lives of many. Or perhaps you have cared for your family with tender love, total dedication and commitment accompanied by tears and joy.

Remember that you are in this world to make your contribution in your own special way. Don't compare yourself to others. For you cannot be everything to everybody. Therein lies your unique greatness.

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