Turn The Light On and Darkness Flees

Written by Lisa van dne Berg

I learntrepparttar most amazing lessonrepparttar 123950 other day.

Once again, in my research I came across a wonderful tape package of Wayne Dyer's latest book. It's called

'There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem'

What a wonderful piece of work! Truly inspirational.

Wayne Dyer is known asrepparttar 123951 'Father of Motivation' by his legion of fans and there's no doubt that this is another excellent example of how he gained his reputation.

A question was asked of me,repparttar 123952 other day.

'What do you do when there is an 'irritating' relationship present in your life? We just seem to rub each other uprepparttar 123953 wrong way - ALLrepparttar 123954 time, what do I do?'

We sat down and talked aboutrepparttar 123955 situation and after listening to Dr Dyer's words, decided on a plan of action.

We decided that she would wait for a day when a nasty snipe escaped from this person and applyrepparttar 123956 principles we'd decided on.

Instead ofrepparttar 123957 usual cutting remark in reply, she sat quietly for a moment and tried to imagine what kind of a dayrepparttar 123958 other person had had. She knew he was tired and upset, so decided to reply with a soothing remark.

She remained calm and asked if hed had a bad day atrepparttar 123959 office. Silence followed (he'd expected a fight - as usual).

He sat still for a moment tryig to decide if this was a trick, but When he sawrepparttar 123960 look on her face, he knew her concern was genuine. She said thenrepparttar 123961 most amazing thing happened.

He visibly relaxed and just started telling her allrepparttar 123962 things that had gone wrong and all hed had to deal with that day. He said thatrepparttar 123963 prospect of then coming home and her shouting at him for being late, once again, had made him even more tense. He dreaded coming home because there was as much stress there as atrepparttar 123964 office.

Changing Your Mind!

Written by Lisa van den Berg

I wonder what it is that sparksrepparttar first interest in wanting to improve your life?

All through your Life you plod along, going withrepparttar 123949 flow, and then one day it suddenly doesn't seem 'enough' any more.

The catalyst can be anything from a "Final Notice' bill to a near fatal car accident.

It is that sudden 'snapping' feeling, that seems to lift a veil from your eyes. You begin to seerepparttar 123950 potential around you.

You begin to wonder how come others can haverepparttar 123951 life they have and you keep on struggling along, barely makingrepparttar 123952 ends even see each other, never mindrepparttar 123953 meeting bit.

I heard somethingrepparttar 123954 other day that gave me a kick inrepparttar 123955 pants.

This person said that envy is a profound 'brick torepparttar 123956 head - sign'. A sign that you need to do something, NOW.

When you envy someone you need to stop and removerepparttar 123957 self-pity prop.

They have what they have, because they've worked hard enough to deserve what they have. You can have whatever it is you desire, if you are willing to dorepparttar 123958 work that is required.

Sorepparttar 123959 key is to take responsibility for your experience of Life.

Stop sitting there feeling sorry for yourself and get up and do what is required, otherwise you'll be wallowing until you do.

Taking responsibility for your experience of Life will empower you to truly liverepparttar 123960 life you are meant to.

No more 'pity talk'. Stop and analyze everything that happens to you, every moment ofrepparttar 123961 day.

If someone cut you up at a traffic light and it was your fault, acknowledgerepparttar 123962 error, apologize and carry on. If it wasn't your fault, take it as a lesson that you need to be extra vigilant at traffic lights in order to stay safe. As Napoleon Hill says, 'There isrepparttar 123963 seed of greater or equivalent benefit in every situation'.

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