Turn Browsers Into Buyers with Effective Web Copy

Written by Renae E. Gregoire

Ok, so you've got a website, and you're ready to tellrepparttar world about it. Before you do, review these tips and create copy that turns browsers into buyers.

Talk to Your Customers

Userepparttar 131851 word "you" throughout your web site. Liberally. I've seen hundreds and hundreds of sites with copy that reads, "We serve our clients by developing high technology products and we make sure to meetrepparttar 131852 needs of our clients." Does that sound like your web copy? Please change it! Immediately!

Who are you writing to anyway? When your copy reads like that, it sounds like you're telling a disinterested party what you do. It's boring, and it doesn't involve your reader at all. TALK to your potential customers throughout your site. Tell them, "We serve YOU by developing high technology products that meet YOUR business objectives."

You can, and should, use this principle everywhere, even in your "Services" page. Tell your readers what you can, and will, do for them. For example, "At XYZ Web Design, we'll take your idea, and mold it and shape it to meetrepparttar 131853 needs of your customers. Then we'll create a unique design and help brand your name, and build a complete site that's a perfect fit for your company."

Keep it Short and Sweet

Web browsers have short attention spans. Write in short, punchy sentences, and saverepparttar 131854 flowery and wordy prose for your next novel. Break your copy into short paragraphs too, maybe with only 3 to 5 sentences each. It's hard enough looking at a book filled with solid text-forget looking at a web page like that!

And if you're confronted with a choice between a $1 word and a 25-cent word, userepparttar 131855 25-cent word. After all, there's no sense telling potential customers that, "Inrepparttar 131856 event of an unsatisfactory occurrence, we will be most obliged to remedyrepparttar 131857 situation as speedily as is humanly possible," when what you really mean is, "We'll take care of any problems that happen- quickly."

Read through your copy and cut every unnecessary word. It's easy to get carried away with adjectives and adverbs, but they add fat instead of muscle. Look at this sentence: "We'll do a very high quality job at a really great affordable price." See anything wrong with it? Start your editing by cutting each adjective or adverb. Once you've got them all cut, your sentence reads like this: "We'll do a quality job at an affordable price." Isn't that sexier? I think so, too!

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

Get Set Ready and Go

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

Winter is just aroundrepparttar corner (except if you live in Australia or New Zealand). As you already know winter isrepparttar 131849 time forrepparttar 131850 sales fiesta onrepparttar 131851 internet.

Yes online business starts booming with bumper to bumper traffic onrepparttar 131852 e-freeways. Characterized by a lack of good parking spots, loads of enthusiastic first timers and a renewed vitality and surge of life pulsating and throbbing it`s way alongrepparttar 131853 e-super highway.

Are you ready to meet this challenge head on and harvest your share of this super bonanza?

Yes... if you have an interest in a better financial flow you had better get set ready and go! 1. Tweak up your website for a better visitor to sales conversion ratio - check your headlines, sales letter, ultimate selling proposition - Does it deliver your most wanted response?

2. Plan out a marketing strategy:

- What`srepparttar 131854 bait you are going to use?

- How are you going to makerepparttar 131855 hungry fish to bite?

- Where will you get a strong steady flow of targeted traffic?

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