Turn Benefits Into Sales with Streaming Media

Written by Ronni Rhodes


By Ronni Rhodes

The "Wow" factor that accompaniedrepparttar introduction of streaming media onrepparttar 124137 Web has long passed, andrepparttar 124138 technology now has to prove itself to marketers. Its' acceptance by advertisers, in conjunction with other rich media technologies, is onrepparttar 124139 upswing, but it's still not widely used to enhance commercial sites.

Companies trying to do business onrepparttar 124140 Internet are bombarded with marketing advice. Go to your target market. Promote your brand. Develop a web "community." Publish a Zine. All of it, good advice. But shopping carts are still being abandoned at an alarming rate, and conversion has becomerepparttar 124141 most important web statistic.

Inrepparttar 124142 absence of live salespeople, who know how to listen and focus in onrepparttar 124143 customers' desires, businesses onrepparttar 124144 Web must userepparttar 124145 technological tools available to replicate that human experience. Streaming is one of those tools.*

Streaming Media is a natural way to motivate purchasing. It can be integrated into your website as a means to help people get over that “hump” when they haven’t been able to see or touch a product. Use it to calm customers’ nerves, build their trust in your company, and to keep their excitement about your service alive.

When would streaming media serve visitors' needs on a commercial or business site? Use it for:

*Product Demonstrations - Visuals are powerful and convey product features difficult to explain only in text. Medical devices are great candidates. *Installation issues - especially for products geared to personal safety such as child car seats - are expertly handled with video. * Human Resource professionals can use it to enhance corporate Intranets for remote sales forces and clients. Training programs can be stored and viewed by personnel at their convenience. Both audio and video can be used in conjunction with written materials to explain company policies and procedures.

*Streaming slideshows are an economical method of showcasing vacation facilities, business plants, and real estate properties.

Put Audio & Video on Your Web Site

Written by Ronni Rhodes


By Ronni Rhodes

As a company that sells streaming media services for a living, we get questions everyday about what needs to be done to make an audio or video presentation that will stream well overrepparttar Internet. Most of these inquiries come from small businesses with limited budgets for marketing and advertising. They are always pleasantly surprised when we tell them that they can do it themselves!

Let’s start with an audio only presentation: ·Write out your script first! Focus on two to three points that you feel are essential to explain your products or services. Keeprepparttar 124136 script simple. If your site offers a wide variety of goods or services, you might consider several different messages with each one keying in on one or two important areas. ·Have someone who is not familiar with your business reviewrepparttar 124137 script and your site. Be sure that they understand your message. If they don’t, rewrite it! · Practice readingrepparttar 124138 script until you feel completely familiar and comfortable with it. (You can hire professional voice talent for reasonable rates if you’d prefer not recordingrepparttar 124139 audio yourself.) ·Userepparttar 124140 best quality tape recorder available to you. A cassette recorder is fine. ·Use a high quality brand name audiotape. ·An external microphone that plugs into your recorder is preferable torepparttar 124141 one that comes built-in. They are very inexpensive and produce a better recording. ·Do your recording in a quiet place with as little background noise as possible. (That one seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?) ·Speak naturally! It can help to have a friend or colleague act as an audience to give you focus. ·Record your presentation several times. Selectrepparttar 124142 one that will soundrepparttar 124143 most natural and inviting to your site visitors. ·Sendrepparttar 124144 tape torepparttar 124145 encoding (streaming) vendor. They’ll take it from there!

A video presentation takes a little more time and effort, but you really can do it yourself. Your home video camera will work just fine! All ofrepparttar 124146 same rules you used to make your audiotape apply here includingrepparttar 124147 use of an external microphone. Good quality videotape is essential. The following suggestions will help you prepare a video presentation for your site that should stream very well:

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