Turn $7-bucks into a monthly income

Written by Kay

Greenzap is still paying $25 to all that sign up before June 21st. www.greenzap.com/nz132q All I did was sign People up for free and They got paid $25 and I have made over $1600.00 in 2 weeks! Greenzap is a new on line pay system like Paypal. They are trying (and succeeding very well) to promote themselfs by giving any one who signs up $25.00. But hurry, time is running out. www.greenzap.com/nz132q Also don't forget about increasing that monthly in come. $7-bucks Plan. You start with just $7 a month. After you get 3 it costs you nothing. It is a feeder program into Liberty Health, a 3 year old strong company. When there are 10 under you $7's buys your product, still costs you nothing.

MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Success- What is the REAL Secret?

Written by Doug Firebaugh

What REALLY isrepparttar Secret to MLM Success? Doug Firebaugh

After 22 years in this industry, 14 years fulltime in MLM, and 7 years training...you learn some things. Sometimes they are NOT what you want to learn, but yet, you must learn. The road has been an interesting one, and a blessing in disguise. There have been so many people that I have watched come and go in Network Marketing, and many disillusioned. You may know some as well.

Success is something that we all seek, and want for our lives.

Success in Finances.

Success in Health.

Success in Spiritual Values- (I HOPE you want that!)

Success in Career.

Success in all you engage.

Success in Relationships...

The list goes on and on. But so many in MLM never find their pot of gold. They end up finding a pot of sludge. That is typical today in MLM, because they have broken a very important Law in Network Marketing. This Law is one that MUST be adhered to, and if you don't you will fail in your home business.

Ok...what is that Law?

The Law of Connection.

That is it. Simple but Powerful. ALL millionaires in MLM have had something thatrepparttar 142095 others have not. ALL millionaires in MLM have done something that most don't do.

Many people say they have "their heart" inrepparttar 142096 business. That is NOT good enough.

Many people have said "I come fromrepparttar 142097 heart." That is NOT good enough.

Many people have said that they "put their heart" in everything they do in MLM." That isn't even close to enough.

Here isrepparttar 142098 Secret....

Your Heart MUST be CONNECTED torepparttar 142099 Industry, Company, and Products, in a way that you are NOT just inrepparttar 142100 business. You MUST be walking in a 'Heart Destiny" and nothing will, or can stop you. No exceptions.

The most powerful computer inrepparttar 142101 world cannot run, if not CONNECTED torepparttar 142102 Power that brings it Voltage to turn it on forrepparttar 142103 tasks it does.

The most spacious house inrepparttar 142104 world cannot be what it is supposed to be withoutrepparttar 142105 Voltage that it needs to stay warm and comforatble inrepparttar 142106 winter, and cool in summer. Let alone whatrepparttar 142107 TV requires or personal computer.

It requires CONNECTION torepparttar 142108 "the juice." That is why you MUST haverepparttar 142109 right heart connection. It containsrepparttar 142110 JUICE and Voltage you need to Succeed.

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