Turkish court denies 1000 european plaintiffs the lawsuit +++ German politicans Guido Westerwelle and Roland Koch helps the european citizens

Written by Dieter Kohler , Vice president IGDD

on Friday, February 7th 2003repparttar Turkish "Big Senate" for administrative processes forrepparttar 126046 second time did not permitrepparttar 126047 negotiation of 1000 claims againstrepparttar 126048 illegal nationalization of Demirbank, brought in by 1000 complainers from 14 European countries. The reason therefor shall be a 60 day (!) period of limitation which starts to run withrepparttar 126049 publishing inrepparttar 126050 Turkish "Official Journal" and which also shall apply for foreigners who live in foreign countries! This is precarious and not comprehensible, because in other cases in turkey after years administrative complaints are still accepted. This final refusal of our complaints againstrepparttar 126051 official administration is a clear refusal ofrepparttar 126052 legal protection of us plaintiffs. The Turkey expert and lawyer from Stuttgart, Germany, who representsrepparttar 126053 Community of Interests of German and International Demirbank shareholders (IGDD), will hand in therfore a case atrepparttar 126054 European human right Court of Justice in Strasbourg, France. The case develops at present inrepparttar 126055 European Union- and federal politics highest explosiveness. Several important german politicians started important activities. Mr. Guido Westerwelle, head ofrepparttar 126056 liberally Bundestag party FDP, started a written question torepparttar 126057 german government. Roland Koch, Prime Minister of Hessen and one of most important german politicans, wrote a letter torepparttar 126058 the German Minister of Foreign and ask him for any help he can give to solverepparttar 126059 expropriation of 14.000 european shareholders. Prof.Dr. Hans-Gert Poettering, who isrepparttar 126060 head of all christian democratic parties inrepparttar 126061 European Parlament, askedrepparttar 126062 Turkish Ambassador atrepparttar 126063 European Union for an written report ofrepparttar 126064 Demirbank case.

What Are the Inspectors Really Looking For?

Written by Margot B

Let's take a step back fromrepparttar fray and examinerepparttar 126045 real target in Iraq...what arerepparttar 126046 inspectors really looking for? The answer is: what they have received fromrepparttar 126047 US -repparttar 126048 West's own exports - such as dual- use equipment used for manufacturing of weapons of destruction. This was supplied withrepparttar 126049 blessing ofrepparttar 126050 US Commerce Dept...$1.5-b worth of dual-use goods.

The inspectors have destroyed a good deal ofrepparttar 126051 equipment imported inrepparttar 126052 1990s, but much still remains. The West's companies and governments are more guilty than most people remember. Following is a listing of some ofrepparttar 126053 items received fromrepparttar 126054 West:

Nassr State Enterprise - Helped extendrepparttar 126055 range of Iraq's SCUD missiles so they could strike US troops in Saudi Arabia and Israelis in Tel Aviv.

- Also helped Iraq's secret effort to enrich uranium.

- Machine tools and high-speed computers: Leybold Vacuum Systems, Hewlett Packard (US); Matrix Churchill Ltd., MEED International (UK); Heinrich Mueller GmbH (Germany); International Computer Systems (UK) - Components and know-how for a plant intended for missile production: Anlagen Bau Contor (Germany) - Missile guidance components: Inwako, C. Plath (Germany)

- Equipment to make missile combustion chambers: H&H Metalform, Leifeld and Co. GmbH (Germany)

- Magnets for centrifuges for enriching uranium: Rhein-Bayern Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co KG (Germany) - Magnets for calutrons for enriching uranium: Voest-Alpine AG (Austria)

- Turbopumps forrepparttar 126056 engines of SCUD missiles: Thyssen Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany)

- Glass fiber plant useful for making rocket motor casings: Matrix Churchill Corp. (US/UK); Glass Inc. International (US) Al-Qaqaa - Developed explosive lenses for nuclear weapons - High-speed computers: Cerberus, Perkin Elmer Corporation (US) University of Mosul - Site of Iraq's major missile development center

- Research on chemical and nuclear weapons - Equipment for enhancing satellite images: E.Z. Logic Data Systems (US)

- Infrared electronic imaging equipment useful for aerial reconnaissance and missile tracking: International Imaging Systems (US)

- Computers and mass spectrometers useful for nuclear weapon work: Finnigan-MAT (US) Al Kindi - Modification and production of SCUD-B/Al Hussein missiles

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