TurboCharge Your Site With Article Writing

Written by Titus Hoskins

Writing articles related to your site's topic and syndicating these articles all overrepparttar web is a very effective way of marketing your site. This simple, yet effective marketing strategy will deliver targeted visitors, increase your rankings and boost your sales.

In essence, article writing will 'TurboCharge' your site!

Although it sounds more like a catch-phrase from a marketer's hype-fest, itsrepparttar 149753 most appropriate phrase to describerepparttar 149754 effect article writing will have on your web site. It perfectly sums uprepparttar 149755 major benefits of article marketing.

Article writing will quickly:

* boost one-way links to your site * help you brand your name or site * help sell or pre-sell your products * bring in plenty of targeted traffic * give you and your site more creditability

The effects can sometimes be jarring...

One minute, your site is humming along at its regular pace, then suddenly, you check your web logs and your stats has doubled or even tripled. There is a massive flood of visitors coming to your site. Sometimes, it may only be one site which picks up your article and features it in their ezine, bringing in targeted visitors to your site. Other times, it may be many sites and ezines displaying your articles, causing a large influx of guests to your site.

All ofrepparttar 149756 above has happened to me!

First, some background, I had heard other marketers singrepparttar 149757 praises of article writing for so long I decided to do a test-run and see repparttar 149758 proof for myself. Writing over 30 articles since January of this year, I kept track of my results over this six month period - to view these articles and find out where some of them ended up, just google my name "TITUS HOSKINS".

Finding and researching material for articles was not a problem. Online forums, subscribers' questions, and my own marketing tasks were a great source of ideas. Compiling and writing original articles that would stand out fromrepparttar 149759 crowd wasrepparttar 149760 hard part.

Here are some pointers that I learned about article writing that may also help you:

Findrepparttar 149761 Right Title - Choosingrepparttar 149762 right title will make or break your article, keep it short and putrepparttar 149763 main benefit of your article in your title, i.e. what will readers actually acquire from reading your article?

Keep Your Article Short and Concise - If you want your article to be pick up by ezines and placed on sites, keep it short (300-1200 Words) and torepparttar 149764 point. I find articles inrepparttar 149765 700 - 900 word range do very well, longer articles less so.

Do A Spell and Grammar Check - Use a spell-checker or WordPerfect to check your articles. I also use Google as my proof reader. Not sure of a word or phrase, just Google it!

Resource Box - Likerepparttar 149766 title, you must point outrepparttar 149767 benefits of clicking your links in your resource box which is displayed atrepparttar 149768 end of your article. Offering a free ecourse or ebook I found will improve your 'click thru rate'. Newsletter subscriptions also works. If you're keyword marketing, place your keyword or phrase inrepparttar 149769 anchor text of your resource box links. Google will reward you handsomely for this simple little detail. So will repparttar 149770 other search engines.

4 Steps To 1,000..2,000..3,000 Subscribers In Days!

Written by Melvin Perry

Everyone who has been marketing online for sometime already knowrepparttar value of an email list. An email list, filled with targeted subscribers who opt in, isrepparttar 149228 most valuable asset for anyone with an online business. If you are not building an email list, then you need to start building one right now.

Butrepparttar 149229 problem with many people is that they do not know how to start a list building campaign. And not only do they not know how to start one, but most individuals do not even know how to acceleraterepparttar 149230 growth of their lists intorepparttar 149231 thousands within a few weeks. If everyone knewrepparttar 149232 right things to do in order to rapidly build a decent sized email list within a few weeks, we would have a lot less complainers who constantly nag aboutrepparttar 149233 negative results of internet marketing.

Now I decided to handle this problem by giving you 4 critical steps for explosively growing your email list in a matter of days. If you just takerepparttar 149234 time and applyrepparttar 149235 steps outlined in this article, you will most definitely build a profitable and responsive email list within a few days.

Step 1: Decide to offer an incredible product for free that is brandible

This is an important step, and probably isrepparttar 149236 most time consuming step if you are not familiar with creating products. Butrepparttar 149237 whole concept is to create an ebook or software that others can freely giveaway and earn profits from atrepparttar 149238 same time. If you are able to create a valuable product that others can giveaway and earn profits from, you will be able to generate a viral monster that will cause so many people overtime to give away your product and build your list for you. This tactic has been proven over and over again and can actually build a list intorepparttar 149239 100,000’s very quickly!

A perfect example of this viral phenomenon can be seen inrepparttar 149240 release ofrepparttar 149241 Traffic Hurricane software.


The creators ofrepparttar 149242 Traffic Hurricane software created something of incredible value that is needed in a majority of websites online, which was traffic. The creators literally gave away a software that was truly worth over $100 and can actually send many visitors to anyone’s website. Not only wasrepparttar 149243 software free, but it was able to be brandible if you decided to become a JV partner. This brandible mechanism literally gaverepparttar 149244 creators thousands of subscribers very quickly, and a means to generate great passive income.

So we seerepparttar 149245 power of creating brandible products that individuals can give away. This one step, in my opinion, isrepparttar 149246 major key to sustaining continual rapid list growth.

Step 2: Contact Potential JV Partners To Giveaway Your Product

The second step is also crucial. You need to find individuals who are willing to distribute your brandible product to a lot of people within a short amount of time. The perfect way of doing this is by establishing joint ventures.

When looking for joint venture partners, you need to be mindful of certain things. For one, how large is their email list and is it filled with quality subscribers? What isrepparttar 149247 alexa rating ofrepparttar 149248 joint venture partner’s website? Do they have a good reputation online?

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