Tune Up Your Vision to Ignite Your Business

Written by Claudette Rowley

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Tune Up Your Vision to Ignite Your Business Claudette Rowley Copyright 2003

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

- Carl Jung

Creating a vision isrepparttar 117115 act of embracing what you deeply and fundamentally desire in any area of your life - business, career, relationships, health, spirituality or fun. For those of us who are entrepreneurs, vision represents one cornerstone of our business foundation. And many of us are entrepreneurs, in part, because we have a vision to bring to life.

Evenrepparttar 117116 most well-conceived, authentic visions can veer off course or get lost on automatic pilot. When this happens, it can be a signal to tune up your business vision. Just as it behooves us to utilize our common sense as entrepreneurs, refining and building our "vision-sense" is an often overlooked tool of entrepreneurial success.

To tune up your vision, ask yourself these questions: (Hint: These questions can apply to any area of your life.)

1. Does your vision for your business includerepparttar 117117 word "should"? If it does, remove all "shoulds" from your vision. Vision is born of what you truly desire and what's authentic for you. If it's not authentic for you, it's not going to be an effective strategy. For example, you have a public speaking business, and feel that you "should" want to be an internationally known public speaker. However, as a result of other priorities in your life, you only want to put enough energy into your business to be a regionally or nationally known speaker. Once you synchronize your vision with what you want, it's much easier to make it real.

If your vision includes a "should" that you feel is essential, delegate it. Shoulds are a huge energy drain. As an entrepreneur, it's more effective to focus on what energizes you. Not only does energy beget energy, it frees up precious mental space.

2. Have you confused your business vision with your business goals? This is a common mistake. Vision and goals are NOT repparttar 117118 same. Your vision isrepparttar 117119 big picture of what you deeply and fundamentally desire, what charges you up, turns you on and brings outrepparttar 117120 best in you. Even in business - especially small business and entrepreneurship - your vision reflectsrepparttar 117121 essence of who you are based on your values, creativity, passion and authenticity. Once you've identified your vision, you then setrepparttar 117122 concrete goals necessary to achieve it. Setting goals before identifying your vision is an example of puttingrepparttar 117123 proverbial cart beforerepparttar 117124 horse.

24 Key Factors to Investigate When Analyzing ANY Business

Written by Jeremy Gossman

24 Key Factors to Investigate When Analyzing ANY Business

It doesn't matter what business or investment you are looking at...it all comes down to analyzing a few key factors.

The higher each of these factors rate with you, plusrepparttar combination of them all,repparttar 117114 better your potential for return.

Industry - Isrepparttar 117115 business's industry expanding or contracting?

Trends - Will you be ahead or behindrepparttar 117116 trends?

Timing - Are you early or late inrepparttar 117117 product & industry life cycle?

Products - Do they provide value for money torepparttar 117118 end user?

Uniqueness - Doesrepparttar 117119 company have any exclusivity, patents, etc?

Demand - How big isrepparttar 117120 market forrepparttar 117121 products & services?

Longevity - How long couldrepparttar 117122 products last inrepparttar 117123 market?

Future - Are there more products "inrepparttar 117124 pipeline"?

Competition - Who else are you marketing against?

Profitability - Are there good profit margins?

Compensation - How much can you earn?

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