Try These Strange Jobs

Written by Steve Gillman

Strange jobs? How do we define that? Years ago I stole cars as a repo-man, had some adventures as an investigative process-server, and even handed out samples in grocery stores. Here are some other unusual jobs you can aspire to:

Wrinkle Chaser

This isrepparttar person that irons wrinkles from shoes as they are being made to ensure they are perfectly smooth when you buy them.

Chicken Sexer

This is a real job title. A chicken sexer sorts through baby chicks to determine if they are male or female, and then segregate them.

Citrus Fruit Colorer

A Citrus Fruit Colorer, withrepparttar 140365 help of steam and chemicals, gives citrus fruit a more natural coloring, because fruit is usually picked before it is fully ripe.

Celluloid Trimmer

A Celluloid Trimmer shaves down a golf club and then adds celluloid bands ontorepparttar 140366 golf clubs to makerepparttar 140367 leather grip stay in place.

Odor Judgers

Want to smell armpits all day to help make effective deodorants? I'm not sure why somebody other than some strange fetishist would want this job.

Just A Series of Choices

Written by Bruce Benskin

Steve’s a pretty regular guy – wife, 4 kids in their blended family, 12+ years of engineering experience, a degree, mortgage, car payments, some debt… and feeling depressed because he waited to look tillrepparttar end. Last time he transitioned was 5 years ago for more money and he liked some ofrepparttar 140027 people and it was simple…this time he’s heard some in his professional association have been looking for almost a year...and they weren’t lightweights. No wonder he’s sweating.

Steve’s wife can’t figure out why he’s so moody and angry…she doesn’t understand that Steve has feelings of rejection from a company he had been loyal to for 5 years. He had poured heart and soul into his projects. Even though he didn’t always agree with his manager’s direction, on a project he shepherded, he had been recognized for achievement. Gosh, only 2 years in and already a rising “star”.

In hindsight, Steve saw he had subtly butted heads on howrepparttar 140028 team was treated by management and that he made suggestions that “his bosses’ way” was backward. Things began to slip. It was more real when he didn’t get a merit raise. He didn’t fathomrepparttar 140029 basic tenet that consistent values withrepparttar 140030 management are fundamental to longevity. You see, Steve made an “easy” choice to compromise his work ethics and principles because he thought he was onrepparttar 140031 upside of lots of growth (money).

Choice #1 – Choose based on values – not only on personalities inrepparttar 140032 organization.

Now that his desk was cleared out, a few weeks to wind down was in order before he could mountrepparttar 140033 energy to start looking. After all, he deserved a break, didn’t he? It gave him time to think over what went wrong…to concentrate, to brood overrepparttar 140034 calamity that landed on him because others hadn’t done their jobs. It simply wasn’t fair…Jesse, their 6 year old, couldn’t understand why “daddy just sits inrepparttar 140035 den and won’t play with me anymore…”

Choice #2 – You have power to choose your reaction to difficulty. It was business, not personal, and even if it was personal, so what, get some support, get some direction, get some help to tackle this bump inrepparttar 140036 road and get on with life.

Steve’s wife finally pushed him to get his resume posted online…this is easy! What he didn’t know wasrepparttar 140037 internet is only about 4% ofrepparttar 140038 market and that less than 10% ofrepparttar 140039 companies who have posted have ever hired someone fromrepparttar 140040 internet. He has complacently fallen into a deadly trap believing quantity will always yield quality positions!

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