Written by Susan James

Part of raisingrepparttar level of humanity has to do with each of us raising our own individual energy. We can call it light, vibrations, frequency or simply love, Spirit, Consciousness or God. Its simply how its being done.

One of my contributions to myself and anyone interested inrepparttar 125588 subject is involved aroundrepparttar 125589 subject of money. Someone tried to convince mass consciousness that you and I could not lead a sweet filled life, live in higher consciousness, AND have financial bounty, (notice I said bounty, not security.)

And that is exactly why both mainstream and more self professed spiritual folks don't have enough money to live as they would prefer. And worse yet they all have a fear around money, and if its it not a fear around money, then its a given that having lots of money is non-spiritual and a bad thing to have. (ie: judgment)

In this moment, I won't even reflect on how much dis-ease and poverty throughoutrepparttar 125590 world,repparttar 125591 break-up of marriages and untold deaths, suicide and otherwise are simply end results of lack of money andrepparttar 125592 fears we invent around money. Only its not reallyrepparttar 125593 *lack of money*; there is plenty of money, its our *lack* of understanding of how to get it to flow to us in ease, fun and affection.

So some folks , especially spiritual folks go around secretly wishing they had more money to lead more comfortable lives, (heaven forbid if they attain wealth) but think they are not supposed to. The fact they are thinking about it in this manner negates any financial success coming their way. They then think they are not supposed to think about it at all. This then quadruplesrepparttar 125594 downward spiral energy affect around *any* money in their lives and also carries over into other areas, but they don't seerepparttar 125595 association.

>From an energy consciousness perspective all ofrepparttar 125596 above keepsrepparttar 125597 individual and groups of individuals stuck. They are stuck in lower light vibrations.

We cant helprepparttar 125598 masses raiserepparttar 125599 level of humanity if we are in lower light vibrations ourselves. Call it what you want. Excuse it away all you want. But it is TIME that we stop treating money likerepparttar 125600 Black Sheep ofrepparttar 125601 World.

Money is a Strong Powerful Energy that Surrounds our Planet. Money is a good energy, only we have not been taught to see, feel and mold it that way and in our favor. *We* are now changing that.

Money is what we can use to build our livelihoods, our businesses, our book offerings. Money isrepparttar 125602 fuel behind many great ideas flourishing andrepparttar 125603 reason folks use for ideas dying onrepparttar 125604 vine.

The Power of Previewing

Written by Ron Sathoff

One ofrepparttar major differences between giving a speech and writing a paper isrepparttar 125587 fact that your audience can't go back and re-read a section of a speech. Therefore, as a speaker, you must make sure that your audience doesn't get lost or confused.

There are many ways that a speaker can do this, but one ofrepparttar 125588 easiest and most powerful ways is to use preview statements. Preview statements simply outline what you are going to be speaking about, point by point. Usually included inrepparttar 125589 introduction of a speech, they create a sense of organization inrepparttar 125590 minds ofrepparttar 125591 audience, making it much easier for them to follow along.

If you are a beginning speaker, your preview statements can be blunt and straight torepparttar 125592 point. For instance, if you were speaking about a new policy, you could say "I will be making three points: First, I will talk about howrepparttar 125593 current policy is causing problems. Second, I will discuss what we need to do to fixrepparttar 125594 problem. Third, I will outline a new policy that needs to be started." It may not be subtle, but at least your audience knows what you will be talking about, and in what order.

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