Truck Accident Statistics

Written by Michael Monheit, Esquire, Monheit Law, PC

In 2003, there were 58,512 total vehicle accidents involved in fatal crashes inrepparttar U.S. (NCSA).

4,669 were large trucks involved in fatal truck accidents.

Large trucks are more likely to be involved in a fatal multi-vehicle crash than are passenger vehicles.

Most fatal truck accidents occurred in rural areas (68 percent) duringrepparttar 119255 daytime (66 percent) and on weekdays (78 percent).

Only 1 percent of fatal truck accidents were DUI-related onrepparttar 119256 part ofrepparttar 119257 truck driver compared to other types of fatal crashes. Higher DUI occurrences are 22 percent for drivers of passenger vehicles and light trucks and 29 percent for motorcyclists.

About 27 percent of all large truck drivers involved in fatal truck accidents had at least one prior speeding conviction compared to 19 percent ofrepparttar 119258 passenger vehicle drivers involved in fatal crashes.

California hadrepparttar 119259 most with 5,725 total fatal vehicle crashes but Texas hadrepparttar 119260 most fatal truck accidents with 438.

Hereís a breakdown ofrepparttar 119261 top 5 states as to fatal truck accidents in 2003:

State Total Fatal Vehicle Crashes Fatal Truck Accidents California 5,725 332 Texas 5,040 438 Florida 4,432 343 Georgia 2,277 208 Pennsylvania 2,233 213

Compared to a breakdown ofrepparttar 119262 top 5 states as to fatal truck accidents in 2002:

State Total Fatal Vehicle Crashes Fatal Truck Accidents California 5,544 346 Texas 5,039 401 Florida 4,431 351 Pennsylvania 2,198 174 Georgia 2,188 202

More truck accident statistics from FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System)

Large trucks accounted for 9 percent ofrepparttar 119263 vehicles in fatal crashes, but only 4 percent ofrepparttar 119264 vehicles involved in injury and property-damage-only crashes. Ofrepparttar 119265 4,898 large trucks involved in fatal crashes, 76 percent were combination trucks.

Frequently Asked Truck Accident Questions

Written by Michael Monheit, Esquire, Monheit Law, PC

Whatísrepparttar difference between truck accidents and other vehicle accidents?

Althoughrepparttar 119254 same laws of negligence apply, there are special Vehicle Code sections that apply only to commercial truck drivers and trucking companies. Truck drivers also have special licensing and training requirements which generally make truck accidents harder to defend but easier forrepparttar 119255 plaintiffs to win.


How do I deal with trucking companies or their insurance carriers after a truck accident?

The first thing you should do is consult with an expert truck accident attorney. The last thing you want to do is your own negotiation with a trucking company about your trucking accident. Most trucking companies are highly skilled at truck accident investigation and claims. Anything you say or sign may be held against you further downrepparttar 119256 road. For a NO-OBLIGATION, free consultation with an expert truck accident lawyer attorney, click here.


Who can sue in a truck accident injury or death case?

Anyone who is injured or has had a loved one killed in a truck accident can sue as long as some other person or entity is at fault forrepparttar 119257 accident. This includes adults and children (who can sue through guardians or parents); and even truck drivers if another person or entity was at fault forrepparttar 119258 accident.


Who can be sued in a truck accident case?

Any person or entity who was at fault for causingrepparttar 119259 truck accident can be sued includingrepparttar 119260 truck driver andrepparttar 119261 trucking company,repparttar 119262 owner ofrepparttar 119263 trailer,repparttar 119264 shipper, as well as any other driver, person or entity who contributed torepparttar 119265 accident, such asrepparttar 119266 manufacturer of one ofrepparttar 119267 vehicles involved inrepparttar 119268 accident,repparttar 119269 manufacturer of a tire that contributed torepparttar 119270 accident orrepparttar 119271 owner of any public or private property whose negligence contributed torepparttar 119272 accident.


My accident occurred in New Jersey but I live in Pennsylvania. Should I hire a Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer or a New Jersey truck accident lawyer?

Thatís a good question. A prominent truck accident law firm will have co-counsel in several states. Your case can be filed where you live or whererepparttar 119273 trucking company is incorporated; whererepparttar 119274 trucking company does business; or whererepparttar 119275 trucking accident happened.

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