Troubleshooting Your Dish Network Receiver

Written by Nick Smith

It has happened to all of us. It’s fourth and ten with just 1:42 to go inrepparttar second half – and of course your team is down. The weather outside is getting worse and worse. Suddenly,repparttar 141712 image on your TV looks eerily likerepparttar 141713 snow falling outside your window. It is a race againstrepparttar 141714 game clock to get picture back on your TV before you have to resign and just look forrepparttar 141715 score onrepparttar 141716 evening news.

Remember, only on a rare occasion will you lose picture with Dish Network - when you do, more often than not, there is nothing wrong with your equipment orrepparttar 141717 service. This article discusses some ofrepparttar 141718 easiest and fastest ways to troubleshoot your Dish Network receiver.

From High inrepparttar 141719 Sky to Your Dish Network Receiver

Dish Network uploads programming to its satellites via gigantic transmission stations on earth. The digital image travels upward throughrepparttar 141720 atmosphere where it eventually finds satellites orbitingrepparttar 141721 Earth miles aboverepparttar 141722 United States. Those satellites capture and resendrepparttar 141723 digital signal in such a way that nearly everyone with a plain view ofrepparttar 141724 sky can receive it. The signal is collected byrepparttar 141725 ubiquitous mini-dishes and sent through cables to your Dish Network receiver, which is set up to decode and convertrepparttar 141726 digital signal to a viewable picture. That viewable picture is transferred to your brand-new, 56 inch widescreen plasma TV, where only moments ago you were watchingrepparttar 141727 second half of your favorite team’s football game.

The Game Plan

If you suddenly lose picture on your TV,repparttar 141728 problem could be in any one of six places – but before you panic, let me tell you you’re only going to have to check four of them.

The Dish – If something interferes withrepparttar 141729 signal getting fromrepparttar 141730 satellite down to your dishrepparttar 141731 picture is obviously going to suffer. Ifrepparttar 141732 signal is completely blocked, your picture will disappear. Make sure that there is nothing between your dish and where your dish is pointing inrepparttar 141733 sky. This could include: a tree branch, your motor home, your neighbor’s motor home, a build-up of snow, ice, or excessive water onrepparttar 141734 dish, or anything else you could possibly imagine. Luckily,repparttar 141735 solution is simple. Getrepparttar 141736 signal flowing freely back to your Dish Network receiver by removingrepparttar 141737 obstruction. Of course, ifrepparttar 141738 obstruction is your neighbor’s prize winning oak tree, be judicious as you contemplate ways of removing it (i.e. talk to her about it and figure out a solution together). If it is ice or snow just wiperepparttar 141739 dish clean, and you’ll be back to your game before they even snaprepparttar 141740 ball.

The Newbie's Guide to Personal Computer Maintenance

Written by Austin Culley

When you turn on your computer, does it act like it needs a coffee to wake up?

When you surf aroundrepparttar Internet, are you bombarded with pop-up windows? Does

your computer freeze up or turn off for no apparent reason?

Before you decide to throw your monitor out ofrepparttar 141660 nearest window, there may be a

number of solutions to fix these problems that won't require you having a degree in

computer technology.

There are two primary ways to maintain your computer's performance, andrepparttar 141661

maintenance should be done once a week or more. First, acquire and use software

that will help you clean and protect your computer, and second, know how to userepparttar 141662

programs already in your computer to keep it's engines running smooth.


The software solutions below will not cost you any money, nor will they take you

much of your time to download, understand, and implement:

1) Virus Protection - Avast AntiVirus is an excellent free program to guard yourself

against Trojans, Worms, and Hacks.

2) Spyware - AdAware and Spybot are terrific free programs for eliminating pop-ups

and other wares from your computer. It is recommended that you use them both, as

one may find problems thatrepparttar 141663 other may not ... a great one-two punch to protect


3) Registry Cleaners - WinASO Registry Optimizer is a great program for repairing

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