Written by Robert Bruce Baird


Academics will freely admit that this man was a troubadour. But what is a Troubadour? They were important torepparttar genesis ofrepparttar 147375 Cathar mystique for a certainty andrepparttar 147376 Princeton people I will shortly quote will say that Chrétien was one ofrepparttar 147377 first Troubadours in this region. Surely they do not think it would be one ofrepparttar 147378 first involved in these arts. In point of fact they are very very ancient arts inrepparttar 147379 training of a Druid, who would become a minstrel and jester before taking uprepparttar 147380 involved study to be a Bard or Baird. Druids, Bairds and Ovates arerepparttar 147381 best known appellations for those who completed these long and arduous studies which were already suffering and shortening byrepparttar 147382 time of Pythagoras who was part ofrepparttar 147383 last known Dean of Studies inrepparttar 147384 Mediterranean region. Abaris (Rabbi)repparttar 147385 Druid was that Dean and his name gives us a clue as to one ofrepparttar 147386 branches or systems which took over some of their training.

The Cathars were very Gnostic and open torepparttar 147387 Pharisaic Rabbinical message. In Caesar’s Journals we are toldrepparttar 147388 period of study was 20 years but it was 25 a millennium earlier and there were still other specialties one could study throughout their lives. One of those might lead to being called a Peryllat or ‘alchemist’. Many members ofrepparttar 147389 family of Jesus were alchemists and it is quite likely that Yeshua bar Joseph studied with Comarius who also tutored Cleopatra. Apollonius of Tyana is part ofrepparttar 147390 Jesus amalgam andrepparttar 147391 Cathars kept most ofrepparttar 147392 Gaedhil/Gnostic learning alive. One ofrepparttar 147393 charges thatrepparttar 147394 Inquisition leveled againstrepparttar 147395 Cathars had to do with Dianistic or Tantric sexual practices and I believerepparttar 147396 sexual or Bhakti ‘union’ (Yoga) was part of their training and system which highly valued women including giving them high priestly functions and leadership roles including Esclarmonde de Foix who is reminiscent of Hypatia of Alexandria, who both should be studied as a great heroine for all time.

The Bairdic Educational system had included a seven year specialty in developing languages for their far flung colonies inrepparttar 147397 second millennium BCE and they developed such codes and Gematria as you see in Hebrew andrepparttar 147398 Aymará of Peru. I have delved into these Oghamic studies in many other books including one withrepparttar 147399 title From OM to Ogham. Plato observed that knowledge was declining due torepparttar 147400 written word afterrepparttar 147401 Phoenicians gave them their refined alphabet. Some scholars think a few ofrepparttar 147402 poems attributed to Orpheus (a lesser Bard or Troubadour) are in factrepparttar 147403 writing of Pythagoras. The Grail myths are rich repositories ofrepparttar 147404 pre-Christian traditions.

“Little concerningrepparttar 147405 person we call "Chrétien de Troyes" (fl. ca. 1160-1191) can be affirmed with certainty. What we know must largely be inferred fromrepparttar 147406 writings attributed to him. These include five romance narratives written in rhyming octosyllabic couplets duringrepparttar 147407 final third ofrepparttar 147408 12th century (Érec et Énide [ca. 1165], Cligés [ca. 1176], Le Chevalier de la Charrette (Lancelot), Le Chevalier au Lion (Yvain) [ca. 1177? 1179-80?], and Le Conte du Graal (Perceval) [ca. 1190]); a sixth narrative, Guillaume d'Angleterre, has been attributed to him by some, although many scholars find this doubtful. At least two surviving lyric songs are said to have been composed by him (if so, he isrepparttar 147409 oldest known trouvère with work closely related to that ofrepparttar 147410 Old Provençal troubadours). {The region is also known as Langue d’Oc or Languedoc. Occamy is ‘alchemy’ in one translation so we can seerepparttar 147411 importance ofrepparttar 147412 Troubadour to Bairdic or Peryllat spiritual quest isrepparttar 147413 tongue or language and codes of alchemy.}

Dice Control: Myth or More?

Written by GameTime

Upon first glance it may appear as a myth, but it is easy to see that dice control is more than that. Dice control is more than a myth becauserepparttar end result of any die thrown is onrepparttar 147336 die before it is thrown. There are only six possibilities and no unknowns. The fact that any object thrownrepparttar 147337 same way atrepparttar 147338 same speed atrepparttar 147339 same place will behaverepparttar 147340 same can be applied to dice. Many people say that dice control is a myth because they can not do it. However these arerepparttar 147341 same people inrepparttar 147342 50’s who said a baseball player could never pitch a ball over 90 miles an hour. The act of controllingrepparttar 147343 dice in order to achieve a desired result is much more than a myth.

Throwing any two standard dice there are 36 possible outcomes. A fact that no one can argue with is thatrepparttar 147344 end result of any one throw is one of these 36 outcomes, which can be seen onrepparttar 147345 dice before you throw them. All a person needs to do is know which side of each ofrepparttar 147346 dice will berepparttar 147347 end result. Using dice control a shooter can greatly increase his chance of predicting which two numbers will berepparttar 147348 final result. Due torepparttar 147349 nature ofrepparttar 147350 game of Craps,repparttar 147351 dice controlling shooter does not have to be right all ofrepparttar 147352 time, to make a substantial win.

As previously mentioned, any object thrownrepparttar 147353 same way atrepparttar 147354 same speed atrepparttar 147355 same place will behaverepparttar 147356 same. Given that fact it is very possible to controlrepparttar 147357 throw ofrepparttar 147358 dice. The problem that comes up is that a casino is not a perfect situation. The casinos try very hard to distract players, because they know that dice control requires complete focus and a certain “rhythm” to throw. If a shooter can block out all ofrepparttar 147359 distractions that a casino tries to use, it would be easy to see that dice control is more than a myth.

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