Trojan World War

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

TROJAN WORLD WAR: - Homer said there were nineteen battles and we know there was a 400 year dark age that followed this enigmatic period which has almost been immortalized in fairy tales about wooden horses and fair maidens. We have given evidences of white men inrepparttar Americas at places like Poverty Point andrepparttar 144811 mouth ofrepparttar 144812 Amazon (there is much more inrepparttar 144813 'mysteries' section) as well as alloverrepparttar 144814 world. The victor ofrepparttar 144815 battle in America forrepparttar 144816 gold or copper and other things like cocaine may well have beenrepparttar 144817 people who stayed behind and decided to have nothing to do with their Empire-building aristocrats back home. Who actually won this war is beyond my ability to discern. It seemsrepparttar 144818 Phoenicians and Berbers or 'Sea People' operated as pirates for many years to come. They had been trying to establish some kind of political stability to conduct reasonable business fromrepparttar 144819 time ofrepparttar 144820 Hyksos Kings in 1800 BC.

When did 'Greek Fire' actually become a useful weapon and how did oil become napalm? What science was lost during and after this apparently protracted period of war between ideologies? There is no clear nation or alliance of city-states that existed before or after this truly horrific period or centuries of warfare that began withrepparttar 144821 ouster of Ariadne from Crete, if not before. We think natural gas was used in conjunction with phosphorus and other chemicals known torepparttar 144822 agents during this war but that it didn't producerepparttar 144823 kind of heat that vitrifies rock. I thinkrepparttar 144824 Biblical stories of bringing downrepparttar 144825 walls of Jericho may relate to ultrasound or 'the lost chord'.

It is highly likely that allegiances shifted and new alliances or combatants came and went. The Kelts ofrepparttar 144826 Danube area includingrepparttar 144827 Amazons may even have separated from their Thracian neighbors andrepparttar 144828 Uighurs may have gained a lot by associating withrepparttar 144829 Semitic remnants of a previously Phoenician Anatolian group including Sargon and Hammurabi whose ethics clearly went againstrepparttar 144830 women or egalitarian modes of previous island powers. The Milesians who went to Epirus and later Etruria (the Bruttii) clearly escaped according torepparttar 144831 Trojan chronicle of Homer and their own historians. Pont andrepparttar 144832 Armenians would seem to be Hittites who were still known to have given womenrepparttar 144833 right to own land like their brother Hurrians inrepparttar 144834 era 2000 BC. according to Agatha Christie and her archaeologist husband; but perhaps they agreed to fight despite this on behalf of their neighbors who were patristic. Maybe they remained neutral like Canada did in Viet Nam or as neutral as others who sell themselves torepparttar 144835 highest bidder during protracted conflicts.

It is instructive to look atrepparttar 144836 aftermath and noterepparttar 144837 Greeks were allied with Phoenicians who gave them their language and (we showed) allowed them free access to their ports even if they took their wives and daughters. Some of these Greek states seem quite Phoenician at some times. But whenrepparttar 144838 Greeks turned on their allies in Sicily at Syracuse much later were they getting back at their lords and masters? When Alexander expanded his Empire he made a pact withrepparttar 144839 Kelts, and this is well known history; but which Kelts? Was there a Druidic international council that could galvanizerepparttar 144840 Keltic clandoms in concerted war? No! But there was such an arrangement for many other things of culture and science or business, it appears. Maybe Alexander was a Kelt himself and he made deals with lots of other clandoms likerepparttar 144841 Galatians who ended up in what is now Turkey and was formerly Pont (another derived name from Phoenix/Phoenician/ Punt/Finias etc.).

Secure the border, secure Internet connections...what about securing our children's minds?

Written by Daviyd Peterson

Everyone is talking aboutrepparttar U.S. borders not being secure - illegal aliens streaming over our borders, about securing our broadband connections from hackers, and I was just curious aboutrepparttar 144740 silence of securing our children's minds.

Has anyone been paying attention to our most precious treasure being assaulted on a daily basis byrepparttar 144741 equivalent of illegal aliens - a failing education system, drugs, violence, teen pregnancy and immoral attacks on all levels? Our children's spiritual borders are being left unguarded, and this assault is duringrepparttar 144742 most critical years of their lives when it comes to learning about becoming a whole person when they become adults. The Southern Baptist Convention to their credit has developed a resolution "to warn their members concerningrepparttar 144743 toxic spiritual nature of repparttar 144744 government school system". The resolution further calls on churches to "become aggressive and proactive in starting Christian schools and in supporting homeschooling".

That is a wake-up call and others need to be soundingrepparttar 144745 alarm across our nation. Securing broadband Internet connections cannot be more important than securing a loving realtionship with our children, instead of them forming a relationship withrepparttar 144746 blurred PG-13/R rated broadcasts coming fromrepparttar 144747 television.

Parents, family, neighbors, and friends should be sounding repparttar 144748 trumpet about protecting our children's spiritual borders. See more info here: it is a website calledrepparttar 144749 Christian Communication Network and detailsrepparttar 144750 SBC's resolution. This site also has a link to a grass roots effort to educate parents aboutrepparttar 144751 loss of morals inrepparttar 144752 public school system andrepparttar 144753 full resolution.

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