Triumph Unmasked: Why We Celebrate Black History

Written by Peggy Butler

A tribute to our past, present and future. Here’s torepparttar winner in all of us.

The history of a noble race, running roughshod over bondage, obstacles and time eternal. Fearless, proud and infinitely hopeful, that isrepparttar 132222 essence of our heritage. In honoring Black America we celebraterepparttar 132223 rebirth ofrepparttar 132224 nation’s most maligned ethnic group.

We celebraterepparttar 132225 present by expounding on our achievements and reliving great moments fromrepparttar 132226 past. We celebrate our ancestors who toiled inrepparttar 132227 midday sun, underrepparttar 132228 sweltering heat of oppression. Exhausted, their hands covered with abrasions fromrepparttar 132229 cotton’s prickly thorns, they refused to buckle underrepparttar 132230 indignation, creating courage ofrepparttar 132231 highest magnitude.

We celebraterepparttar 132232 legacy of Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglass and W.E.B. Dubois, crying out against injustice. We celebraterepparttar 132233 NAACP, National Urban League and Southern Christian Leadership Conference in their crusade to removerepparttar 132234 insufferable stench of racism gone awry.

We celebraterepparttar 132235 strength of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and Ida Wells-Barnett, women of unrelenting persistence, rebelling againstrepparttar 132236 savagery of hate and inhumanity.

We celebraterepparttar 132237 uprisings of Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey in their ill-fated attempt at freedom. So strong were these men in their quest for freedom, they preferred death to enslavement. We celebraterepparttar 132238 Civil, Political and Equal rights so long denied and withheld. We celebrate our triumphs, disasters and heritage.

We celebraterepparttar 132239 political activism of Jesse Jackson, Fannie Lou Hamer andrepparttar 132240 charismatic Adam Clayton Powell, eloquent strategists demandingrepparttar 132241 granting of voting rights to every adult, young and old.

We celebraterepparttar 132242 soldiers onrepparttar 132243 battlefield. Fromrepparttar 132244 rebel retreat of Fort Wagner duringrepparttar 132245 Civil War to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Unsung heroes fighting and dying to keep America safe for democracy.

We celebraterepparttar 132246 literary genius of James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks and Maya Angelou, urging America to redeem its pledge of equal rights for all viarepparttar 132247 written word.

We celebraterepparttar 132248 Revolutionists; Malcolm X, Angela Davis andrepparttar 132249 Black Panthers, passionately urging Blacks to abandonrepparttar 132250 “wait and see” attitude and rebel againstrepparttar 132251 White Establishment.”

An Opportunity to Turn Tragedy into Triumph

Written by Joyce C. Lock

An Opportunity to Turn Tragedy into Triumph


Having previously warned several preachers that God was angry, there was no positive response. Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily ... (Ec. 8:11), none believed.

To whom much has been given, much shall be required. That means you, America. Drugs, violence, families torn apart, financial ruin ... we've been experiencing personal earthquakes for quite some time, whilerepparttar church slept on.

One lady said she heard someone on TV ask, "What did we do to deserve this?" And as soon as she heardrepparttar 132221 question,repparttar 132222 answer came. Her response was this, "In past tragedies, America was shaken. This time, we got spanked."

If only byrepparttar 132223 candidates they choose; New York supports such things as abortion in a more unified way. Others shed spiritual blood in less visible ways: attacking whatever they don't understand, thinking itrepparttar 132224 will of God to separate from everything not like them, not allowing people to serve as God calls them, etc.). To subvert a man in his cause,repparttar 132225 Lord approveth not (La. 3:36). Blood for blood (Ge. 9:6),repparttar 132226 moon turning to blood (Ps. 89:37, Ez. 33:4), if that's what it takes. Every knee shall bow.

Tragedy reminds us ofrepparttar 132227 important things in life, draws us to unity that would otherwise never be, causes us to get on our knees and look up. The center of our earth shook. The land quaked ... this time, in a way that no one could ignore.

Those involved in Internet ministry have withstoodrepparttar 132228 gates of hell to go torepparttar 132229 highways and byways, and against criticism from without and within. One person suggested thatrepparttar 132230 church just received their wake-up call.

Having asked God how many prophecies had to come to pass, He said, "As many as it takes."

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