Tripp Art Studio

Written by Tripp Reynolds

Artist Tripp Reynolds,Has open a Art Gallery and Service Web Site Called Tripp Art Studio.It has a Great Display of Fine Art and Services to offer.Landscapes,Wildlife,Scenic Views,Religious,Sci-Fi,and much more.

Do Backlink Advertising Networks Really Work?

Written by Ben Stewart

When I first heard of backlink advertising networks, I have to admit I was more than a bit skeptical. Of course backlinks are probablyrepparttar most important tool inrepparttar 145542 search engine optimization kit, but buying or acquiring backlinks in an unnatural way has always been something Google and other major search engines do not condone. I took a look at a few networks hoping to find some answers.

The first network I looked at was DigitalPoint's Coop Advertising Network ( DigitalPoint's network allows you to create either banner or text ads that will then be displayed on various websites inrepparttar 145543 network with an active backlink. Websites receive a "weight" which determines how often they appear on other sites, although it wasn't exactly clear on how a site gains weight. Further reading explained that certain factors such as Alexa Rank and number of pages showing ads may contribute to weight. It was even possible to target your ads by category. I was very impressed withrepparttar 145544 setup. So, I installedrepparttar 145545 ad network on a few websites and, sure enough,repparttar 145546 system started to churn out backlinks.

After testing outrepparttar 145547 network, I decided to read what others were saying in their forums. Sure enough, my worst fears were realized. As I suspected, churning out links can have a negative impact on search engine rankings. Various sites complained of being completely dropped from Google or Yahoo's index. The problem, it seems, was that links were not permanent. DigitalPoint's network rotates links as you reload a page so you have no permanent backlinks. I immediately removedrepparttar 145548 links from my sites, and moved on to analyzerepparttar 145549 next network.

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