Triggering Female Lust

Written by Mike Pilinski


Contrary to what you see every week on 'Sex andrepparttar City', women arerepparttar 105760 complete opposite of men in that,repparttar 105761 more *anonymous*repparttar 105762 sexual encounter,repparttar 105763 LESS gratifying they find it to be.

Unlikerepparttar 105764 fictional uber-slut Miranda, satisfying sex does not begin and end withrepparttar 105765 quest to find someone new to have an orgasm with. Forrepparttar 105766 vast majority of women,repparttar 105767 MORE connected they feel to their partner,repparttar 105768 more overwhelmingrepparttar 105769 total sexual experience is for them.

Justrepparttar 105770 reverse of typical male thinking, right? Men are intensely turned on byrepparttar 105771 thought of having sex with a woman for that very FIRST time, or by scoring a one-night stand with a perfect stranger, or perhaps fantasizing about being in a porno movie and having wanton sex with dozens of hot women he hardly knows. The common link between all these scenarios is that there is NO emotional bonding involved. Hell, there's hardly even an exchange of names! Forrepparttar 105772 man,repparttar 105773 more anonymousrepparttar 105774 sexrepparttar 105775 more *exciting*repparttar 105776 idea ofrepparttar 105777 conquest.

Howrepparttar 105778 two genders make use of (and even exploit) this knowledge of each other's romantic weakness, however, is an entirely DIFFERENT story. Women know exactly how to turn men on by manipulating this hardwired 'quirk' in their character that absolves them ofrepparttar 105779 need to actually know anything about a woman who has triggered his desire to mate. How? Simply by pushing this uniquely male "anonymous sex" button long and often... by acting sexy AND remaining emotionally aloof atrepparttar 105780 same time. The stripper,repparttar 105781 table dancer,repparttar 105782 whore. The molten hot stranger. Any persona will do -- and all are quite useful when their design is seduction!

Men, onrepparttar 105783 other hand, seem mostly clueless about how to turnrepparttar 105784 tables and pull offrepparttar 105785 same trick. In fact,repparttar 105786 prevailing feeling is that female lust is such a mysterious and unfathomable 'holy grail' so rarely encountered in real life that it's taken on a kind of mythical quality. I guess some women just have it for certain men... and not for others, and there's no understandingrepparttar 105787 reasons why.

But can female lust be triggered byrepparttar 105788 deliberate actions of a man? I say absolutely yes. Women get sexually turned on just as men do of course, but -- owing to differences in reproductive biology -- by a completely different set of mental processes. Men go for a VISUAL look that suggests youthfulness and thus fertility. But females aren't interested in a man's age so much because males remain virile well intorepparttar 105789 later part of their lifespan.

Divining with Ordinary Playing Cards

Written by Sam Stevens

You don't necessarily need an expensive Tarot deck to divinerepparttar future from cards. You can use a regular deck of playing cards. All you have to remember is thatrepparttar 105759 four suits equate torepparttar 105760 following Hearts represent love or equate to Cups inrepparttar 105761 regular deck Diamonds represent money or Coins or Disks Spades represent hardship or Swords Clubs represent opportunity or Wands Perhapsrepparttar 105762 simplest layout is a three-card spread that represents past, present and future. Or you can choose one card fromrepparttar 105763 deck and meditate on its meaning forrepparttar 105764 day. I have found that an ordinary deck of cards is also easily adapted torepparttar 105765 Celtic Cross, as well asrepparttar 105766 Horoscope Spread (which involves laying twelve cards out in a circle with each card representing what is going on in each house). Below is a quick guide torepparttar 105767 meaning ofrepparttar 105768 cards. Hearts (Cups) Ace: triumph in love, perfection, union, happiness King: Honesty and affection. A generous, temperamental, and passionate man. Usually fair haired or fair complexion - card can also mean unreliability or a bad decision. Queen: A loving and attractive woman, fidelity, devotion, usually a fair-haired woman. Can mean vanity or delusion. Jack: A good friend or close friend. Can mean a reunion of separated lovers. Usually a fair-haired young person. 10: good luck, satisfaction, balance, peace, happiness in family or home. 9: good news, relief,repparttar 105769 desires ofrepparttar 105770 inquirer will come true, 8: an approach, invitation or proposal (traditionally to a party or celebration.) 7: a severe disappointment, broken promises, cancelled promises 6: sudden windfall, good fortune, generosity (can also mean unwelcome guests) 5: indecision, insecurity, jealousy, and obsession 4: postponement of a date or important matter, can also signify a delayed or canceled marriage 3: a warning to be sensible, watch for deception, bad decisions 2: friendship, a positive connection, a loving trusting relationship Spades (Swords) Ace: bad news, a separation or split, conflicts, a doomed love affair, endings, death. Can mean an ambition but thoughtless man. Usually dark haired. Queen: betrayal, gossip, sabotage, malice, treachery. Can mean a widow or divorcee. Usually signifies a dark haired woman Jack: obstacles, laziness, and hindrances. A lazy, but indolent, young man. Self-destructive. Usually dark haired 10: emotional anguish, cruelty, worry, grief, and a turn psychologically forrepparttar 105771 worse 9: delays, quarrels, opposition, conflict, bad luck, 8: secret enemies, disappointments.also a rival pretending to be a friend 7: loss of friendship, loss of trust, and a battle not worth fighting 6: gradual improvement, ambition, discipline andrepparttar 105772 efficient carrying out of plans

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