Tricks of the Trade - Applying Make-up Like a Professional

Written by Adem Martin del Campo

There are a number of different tricks and techniques that we have developed to make applying make-up easier, as well as more appealing. Let's start withrepparttar basics.

Always start your make-up with your foundation. This will even out your complexion and give you a good base to start with. Now forrepparttar 102004 trick. Use a make-up sponge to apply your foundation. This way your foundation will not change colors due torepparttar 102005 oils on your fingers, and you will not contaminate your foundation. Another trick is to use a large Complexion Brush to smooth out your foundation aroundrepparttar 102006 hairline and jaw line. This way you will not have a line of demarcation aroundrepparttar 102007 edge of your foundation. Next apply your brow color. Follow up with a Brow Gel to keep your brows looking nice all day or night. Apply your highlighter next. The trick here is to use a highlighter like our Beige Eye-lite that is creamy instead of a waxy cover-up. When you are trying to hide lines onrepparttar 102008 face, using a waxy substance will not move with your face, thus causing creases and other wrinkles to form inrepparttar 102009 product. Using a creamy highlighter will get intorepparttar 102010 lines to lighten them and make them less visible. Again use your Complexion Brush to blend your highlighting after you have applied it.

Now it is time to concentrate on your eyes. Applying make-up is like being an Illusionist or Magician. It is not like an artist that paints, because we are working with three dimensions. This is why it is important to use three different eye shadows. Starting fromrepparttar 102011 top eyelash choose a color of a medium tone. Apply that fromrepparttar 102012 lashes torepparttar 102013 crease inrepparttar 102014 eye. The next shadow should be two shades darker thanrepparttar 102015 the first. Apply this shadow fromrepparttar 102016 top ofrepparttar 102017 first torepparttar 102018 brow bone. The next shadow should be one shade lighter thanrepparttar 102019 first to highlightrepparttar 102020 eye brows, becauserepparttar 102021 eye brows are what gives you your expressions. Apply this shadow fromrepparttar 102022 top ofrepparttar 102023 second shadow torepparttar 102024 bottom ofrepparttar 102025 eye brows. This is how you give your eyes dimension, by going light, dark, lightest with your shadows. Now apply your eye-liner. The trick here is to use a shadow and firm bristle brush. This will give a more natural appearance. Always start fromrepparttar 102026 outside going towardrepparttar 102027 center onrepparttar 102028 top and bottom. Another trick to this is to make sure you do not makerepparttar 102029 top and bottom meet atrepparttar 102030 corners both inside and outside. By doing this you will make you eyes appear larger. Something else you can do to your eyes if you would like them to appear whiter, is to use a white pencil onrepparttar 102031 inside ofrepparttar 102032 lower lid. This way light will reflect off ofrepparttar 102033 white onto your eyes. This is especially helpful for people that tend to have a lot of redness in their eyes. Now it is time once again to blend with your large complexion brush.

Why should I use cosmetic brushes?

Written by Adem Martin del Campo

Most people overlookrepparttar importance of using application tools, like brushes, when they apply their make-up. The most important reason is performance. How would you feel if you went to have your make-up done by a professional and they applied your make-up with their fingers? You would not pay for it would you. The same idea applies to you at home. By using a brush that is made forrepparttar 102003 particular process you are performing (i.e. applying eye shadow with an eye shadow brush) it will only makerepparttar 102004 application process easier. Applying your blush is another good example. It is very hard to make both of your cheeks look even when you use your fingers as application tools. For those of you that have trouble keeping your make-up on throughoutrepparttar 102005 day, like your eyeliner, use a firm bristle brush and a flat eye shadow instead of a pencil. The shadow will stay on better, and give you a more natural looking line that will not make your eyes appear smaller.

The next important reason for using brushes is so you do not contaminate your cosmetics. There are a lot of things that you touch which can be transmitted to your cosmetics if you use your fingers. This can cause a problem for people with sensitive skin or eyes. If a problem does occur you end up having to throw awayrepparttar 102006 product, which is money wasted. You may even have to go to work without make-up for a few days to let your eyes or skin heal.

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