Tribute to Corey Rudl

Written by Steve Dimeck

Once upon a time there was a King who wanted to live forever. He knew that he desiredrepparttar impossible, but he was very determined to change that. He called upon all ofrepparttar 143370 witch doctors, medicine men, faith healers, spiritual healers, wizards, prophets, fortunetellers and anyone that he could think of to give himrepparttar 143371 cure to eternal life.

No one could find such thing. No one could provide him withrepparttar 143372 cure. The King tried every remedy, treatment, drug, followedrepparttar 143373 advice from all ofrepparttar 143374 healers, but nothing seemed to be guaranteeingrepparttar 143375 endless life.

The King was very sad and had lost all hope.

One day, an old man fromrepparttar 143376 village nearby heard ofrepparttar 143377 King's wish. He hurried torepparttar 143378 King's palace. Atrepparttar 143379 door, he toldrepparttar 143380 guards that he hadrepparttar 143381 solution forrepparttar 143382 King's desire.

The King was very happy to hear that. So, they letrepparttar 143383 old man in.

The King eagerly askedrepparttar 143384 old man to give himrepparttar 143385 solution. The old man without wasting a single minute, toldrepparttar 143386 King: "If you want to live forever, you have to do something thatrepparttar 143387 world will remember you by. Something so good that will touch many people's lives. That's how your legend will be transferred from generation to generation. You will live in people's hearts and memories for ever and ever."

Taking into accountrepparttar 143388 entire earth's population, there are only a handful of people whose legends will live forever because ofrepparttar 143389 good things they've done.

Corey became an Internet marketing legend with his unselfish and noble contribution torepparttar 143390 entire Internet Marketing world.

He touched so many lives, setrepparttar 143391 stage for marketing success for thousands more to come who are learning from him and will continue to learn.

Instead of selfishly guarding his success secrets, he generously offered them torepparttar 143392 world to take and use them for their own good. He was a genuine person, always eager to help another human being succeed.

Sincerepparttar 143393 early days ofrepparttar 143394 Internet era after he spent countless days testing and testing different marketing methods for his book "Car Secrets Revealed," he discovered many unique marketing ways that helped him generate a great deal of success with this book.

Soon after, a lot of other businesses and entrepreneurs started knocking on his door and asking Corey to share his marketing secrets that brought him success. Corey very gladly offered his knowledge and discoveries to all ofrepparttar 143395 people who wanted to learn from him.

Learn about the Google Search Engine Tools

Written by Shell Harris

Think you know everything about searching with Google? Think again. Believe it or not, there are many tools and features available on Google that can be useful for marketing research as well as wasting time. Learn more below about Google's coolest features.

What are people saying about your site?

Find out what people say about your site or anything else with Google WebQuotes. A Google Lab experiment, Google WebQuotes annotatesrepparttar results of your Google search with comments from other websites. This offers a convenient way to get a third party's opinion about each ofrepparttar 143310 returns for your search, providing you with more information about that site's credibility and reputation. Try your site name and variations, such as "Big Oak ", "" and "" to see what results they bring up.

Google Suggest

As you type your keywords intorepparttar 143311 search box, Google Suggest offers keyword suggestions in real time. It will provide a list of suggestions as you type in your search criteria, ranked byrepparttar 143312 number of occurrences thatrepparttar 143313 suggestions appear in Google's index.

Google Sets

Google Sets automatically create sets of items from a few examples - in essence, it determines other items in a set based on similarity. Here is an example of what we mean. Say you like certain authors such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz, both horror writers, but you don't know who else to try? Well, Google Sets can recommend a host of authors who write horror novels or other people inrepparttar 143314 horror field. Imagine how it could help when scouring for keywords and phrases that you may not think of. Ah,repparttar 143315 power of Google.

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